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---- ToDo for next release to openrepos: 1.0.1-1 -----
- add a combobox for multiple pebbles
- Bug: if a workout starts with HR. And the HR device is not connected. Then there are too high values saved to the GPX file. Like this: <gpxtpx:TrackPointExtension><gpxtpx:hr>4294967295</gpxtpx:hr></gpxtpx:TrackPointExtension>
- Bugs in voice output trainer:
- solved a bug in polish translation -> OK
- Bugs in voice output trainer:
- on duration settings page there is a error message if multiple empty fields are selected -> OK
- empty fields where not left out. Instead they were played sometimes -> OK
- Implement shoe management for running
- "Meine Strava Aktivitäten" not working, not showing anything on the page
- in Strava settings there is nothing shown in username, Email, Country
Do not forget:
- set changelog and release date to .changes file
- compile with translations and complete translation to german language
- set new version number to yaml and spec files
- clean project and compile on release for arm and 486
----- ToDo for second next release to openrepos: 1.0.2 -----
- when loading autosave and while not resuming workout in recordpage, the duration gets smaller
- show battery state of phone with charging icon on record page
- sometimes the mediaplayer would not set playing to false. Need a watchdog for that.
- add max pace to detailspage/trackloader
- meerun imports have no max. speed
- look into old map tiles folder and delete files there. Ask user!
- map on record page: zoom into map automatically. Save and restore last zoom setting.
- pebble: if speed is choosen for third field, set unit to speed. Same with pace.
- add new feature: autopause if speed goes below certain threshold
- start page: select pace/speed
- add icons for indicating over/below average speed, average pace and average heart rate to record page
- add leading 0 to values on recordpage
----- Other planned features for the far future: -----
- add min/max elevation to detailspage/trackloader
- fix elevation up/down bad values. This is a big thing. Elevation data needs to be corrected with appropriate algorithms.
- check if speedoverground in QGeoPositionInfo is eventually better then own speed calculation -> seems to contain no information
- implement workout comparison. Compare current workout with virtual workout in the past
- AM/PM mode for recordpage
- support all workout types from meerun (is not possible because export function in meerun is broken for many workout types, even on android)
- introduce reward system:
- fastest run 5/10/20/40 km
- longest run (distance/time)
- most workouts in a week/month
- most distance in a week/month
- most time in a week/month
- 5km in under 30/25/20/15 mins
- 10km in under 1h/55/50/48/45/40/35/30 mins
- view burned calories on mainpage and recordpage and detailspage
- bluetooth data logging function (writing to files does not work???)
- introduce female voice
- alert system:
- vibration alert / sound alert
- send vibration also to pebble via dbus call provided by rockpool (does not exist. Have to do this myself?)
- make sound file configurable or changeable
- record page workover, add more data to view
- current, minimum, maximum height (gps)
- up/down travelled height
- energy kcal
- average speed/tempo
- speed/tempo of last 100m/1km
- top speed/tempo
- average, minimum, maximum heart rate
- pause time
- save pause time to gpx file. Look in Meerun gpx file where to save pause data.
- Style first page list view like in meerun (upper part of page should not scroll)
- enable night mode automatically.
- view diagrams on the statistics page. See app "Rush Hour" and "SystemDataScope" which are on openrepos.
- make volume of audio messages adjustable
- Messagebox needs to be extended. If a page is locked to portrait mode, messagebox needs also be locked to this mode.
- check if bluetooth is active. If not, switch it on. (see file ActionDisableBluetooth.qml in app slumber-master, or rockpool.qml)
- support workouts without gps e.g. indoor activities
- introduce lap function
- CRC check for Zephyr HxM data packets
- BLE heart rate devices support (currently waiting for kimmoli to bring this to OPX)
- on the map in recordpage there are stragne horizontal lines coming from tracklines
- strange bug in recordpage when opening the values select menu: [W] unknown:38 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private/Util.js:38: TypeError: Cannot read property 'parent' of null
- there are strange files in the ~/Laufhelden folder, e.g. "running-Di. Nov. 7 16:00:36 2017-7.5km.gpx.wZ8116" or "running-Mi. Nov. 8 15:46:48 2017-0.5km.gpx.M27425"
- sometimes there is a view problem on mainpage after a completed workout.
- if HRM is active and record page is left and then opened again, we get a BT error.
- after bt scan and finding new HRM device, not able to connect. First need to restart app.
- compiler issue, comparison between signed and unsigned
- write to log file is not working, strange no error or something...
- sometimes, maybe if app is left on cover view or even in background, screen on is not longer working
- solve commit conflict with spanish language -> OK
- ToDo for regular voice announcements:
- record english voice files -> OK
- for english language there are differences in the unit: -> OK
- mile/miles
- kilometer/kilometers
- meter/meters
- in general options for voice coach, make music player pausing enable/disable -> OK
- make output of headline for cyclic voice announcements choosable -> OK
- sound files needed for average headers -> OK
- it should be possible to have multiple empty parameter fields -> OK
- changes of parameters are not used -> OK
- 0_de_male.wav is not correct -> OK
- for pace we only need "pro Kilometer" voice file -> OK
- improvement: "Kilometer pro Stunde" to "kmh" -> OK
- improvement: make numbers go faster: "0" -> OK
- improvement: make units and headlines go faster -> OK
- there is a problem with umlauts in the filenames while loading GPX files.
- HistoryModel::loadAccelerationFile:402 - File not existant: "running-Fr. M?rz 16 19:38:57 2018-11.7km.gpx"
- seems to only occure when app is started directly by Sailfish OS IDE. If app is started from desktop launcher all is OK.
- add workout icon on details page -> OK
- make the app start faster by scanning the GPX files directory and comparing that to a database -> OK
- App start:
- load acceleration file, parse to array and check consistecy with GPX files -> gpxFilesChanged: loadAccelerationFile()
- check if there are more GPX files and add those files to the m_trackList array: readDirectory()
- go through trackList array and load all GPX files which have ready==false: loadAllTracks();
- there may be changes in GPX files which is given by variable gpxFilesChanged, so: saveAccelerationFile() is always entered after loadAllTracks()
- Remove workout:
- remove GPX file from directory
- if GXP was removed successfully: remove track from m_trackList array
- if GXP was removed successfully: set variable gpxFilesChanged to true and: saveAccelerationFile()
- Edit workout:
- set ready flag to false in m_trackList array by index and gpxFilesChanged to true: editTrack(index)
- go through all tracks and load that one with ready==false: loadAllTracks()
- set variable gpxFilesChanged to true and: saveAccelerationFile()
- Add workout:
- in mainpage in block if (bLoadHistoryData), scan for new GPX files and add them to m_trackList: readDirectory()
- set variable gpxFilesChanged to true and: saveAccelerationFile()
- bug in consistency checking, wrong date format: "Sat Jan 20 20:39:23 2018" / "Sa. Jan. 20 20:39:23 2018" -> OK
- bug: manual delete GPX files then start APP. App will crash. -> OK
- increase wait time for night mode
- change color for continue/end button
- record page didn't change map style
- end of pause icon is not drawn on map if map was invisible
- when record page was closed signals where not disconnected
- switch off map completely. This is Jolla 1 mode.
- imperial units on threshold settings page.
- if map gets visible again, track is only updated when triggered by GPS
- start lockscreen in random position or middle
- when editing workout from main page, the workout type is always set to running
- when walking was selected before and prerecord page is entered, workout type is not given to recorder
- introduce lock page (LCD mode, AMOLED mode) with 3 configurable parameters. These parameters will also be shown on cover page.
- current point on record page needs workover
- no tracks on record page
- scale bar on map needs imperial units
- imperial units for record page
- imperial units for start page
- imperial units for cover page
- add settigs: event voice announcements
- fix map bug in horizontal mode
- event voice announcements
- positioning online/offline
- start, stop, pause, resume workout
- #define SERVER_INTERFACE "org.rockwork.Pebble" is double
- fixed a bug: mediaplayer pause/resume was not working
- add Pebble support:
- new setting: use Pebble yes/no
- new setting: choose value for fields on pebble
- add settings page:
- check if rockpool is there in the right version?
- toggle Pebble support ON/OFF
- choose value for fields
- view if pebble is connected and model and BT address
- test button to launch/close sport app
- add warning to prerecord page if pebble is not connected
- launch sport app on prerecord page, close it on main page
- on record page set values to pebble
- on pebble button press, pause/resume workout
- edit workout (name/description/workout type) and save to GPX
- add icons to map in trackloader (start/stop/pause)
- add icons to map in trackrecorder (start/stop/pause)
- add pause duration to detailpage
- add new parameter for record page: pause duration
- add skiing to workout types
- GPX from meerun is not imported correctly, that is a bug in meerun
- While recording and leaving and returning to recordpage, track and track icons are screwed
- GPS starts with app start. Make it start with prerecordpage. This is related to the pause problem.
- there is a bug with pause function. Time is runnning further. Must be debugged in live mode.
- if an autosave is loaded, it is on stop and can not be resumed further
- repair verticalscrolldecorator in change value dialog on recordage
- write values to screen after restoring autosave
- place map settings on new settings page
- when map is shown, make field 5&6 invisible
- Mainpage and PreRecordpage need horizontal layout lock function
- while workout is not started, and map is in big mode, it is annoying to scroll left
- while working out, the map circle is not centered on the map.
- unlocalized texts on BT device page
- automatic night mode
- fix battery status for HR device on record page
- on recordpage: enable onRadiusChanged and onCenterChanged in mapcircle.
- support elevation as new datapoint
- store workout type to autosave, but maybe this is not needed.
- if autosave is there on start of app, ask user if to resume workout
- add heart rate average to record page
- test rena stuff for map updating (mapcircle)
- when HR device fails during workout, the 0bpm is added to average HR
- no HR when workout isn't started
- adjustable value fields for recordpage
- view credits on about page
- missing non localized texts
- implement autosave, see github issue #9
- new values for recordpage: elevation and heartrate avg
- test: check if HR is saved to autosave file.
- bug: go back from recordscreen to prerecord. Then switch off HR. Then proceed to recordscreen. HR is still active! -> bRecordDialogRequestHRM
- rework menu on recordpage
- bring HRM values to autosave file
- what is ConfirmClearDialog for? Maybe delete this thing...
- detailspage:
- make heartrate invisible if there is no data
- some workouts have no max speed
- texts need general overhaul!
- workout icon is too small on prerecordpage
- make sorting of workouts from most recent to least recent on mainpage
- Workouts need to be sorted after date on MainPage
- implement add/remove threshold profiles
- put all icons and pictures in the img folder!
- make voice language selectable and save to settings
- BUG: MainPage values for workout total time does nor fit
- search for all "Rena" and replace
- Record page: replace menu items (stop, pause, continue, start) with buttons
- cover dialog needs complete workover
- remove app name, add app icon
- names of workouts still not good. Workouts are not sorted properly due to this.
- Alerts/thresholds:
- implement profiles
- save one data string per profile, including profile name
- Thresholds profiles should be renameable!
- music is paused and resumed even when no music is played. Detect first if music is playing!
- Start button on recordpage is green if accuracy says "No position"
- save last display mode to settings
- last used threshold profile is not recalled
- strange things if there are no gpx files or there is no gpx folder
- mainpage needs a progressbar.
- pause music if audio message is played
- fix mapcircle on recordpage
- [W] unknown:167 - file:///usr/share/harbour-laufhelden/qml/pages/RecordPage.qml:167: TypeError: Cannot call method 'addCoordinate' of undefined
- if a workout is cancelled before it could start properly (bad GPS), the HRM is also disconnected and you have to wait 3 seconds.
This is a bigger thing. Maybe disable button if GPS is not online? That would also solve the problem!
- if recordpage is left, HRM is disconnected. Disconnect only if workout ends!
- In PreRecordPage, disable HRM option if there is no HRM device address
- In RecordPage, disable HRM optiion if there is no HRM device address
- On recordpage: if the map is maximized, there is a forward jump enabled to prerecordpage. This is a bug!
- Set useragent for map and app settings file to beter values
- solved issue with backjumping to mainpage. Problem was, pagestack.currentpage gives null within Component.onCompleted. Don't use this anymore!!!
- mainpage list does not fit to height of page
- after a new workout is recorded it is not viewed on main page
- record page must keep screen on (configurable)
- speed indicator for record page
- filename:
use the local date&time as well as workout
- name:
use the textbox text from the savedialog.
make a text presiction, bring local date&time as well as workout to the text box on start dialog
- description:
use the textbox text from the savedialog.
Make no prediction and leave text box empty on start dialog.
- compatibility with new HRM belt
Header: height / 10 = 10
midle1: height / 5 = 20
midle2: height / 5 = 20
midle3: height / 5 = 20
midle4: height / 5 = 20
Footer: height / 10 = 10
Map mode:
60% but viewed as 100%
Header: height / 8 = 12.5
midle1: height / 4 = 25
midle2: height / 4 = 25
midle3: height / 4 = 25
Footer: height / 8 = 12.5
Map : height / 2.5= 40
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