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SLIKS-Alike Interactive Key Software (SAIKS)
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SLIKS-Alike Interactive Key Software (SAIKS)

Derived from Stinger's Lightweight Interactive Key Software (SLIKS)
from by Gerald F. Guala.

SAIKS is copyright (c) 2006 Greg Alexander, to be distributed under
the terms of GPLv2 (in COPYING).

The idea is that you create a file like acer.js that contains your
dataset.  SAIKS uses the same format for this file as SLIKS does,
except that SAIKS doesn't support binary = 1.  Then you copy acer.html
to a new .html file and change it to load your data.js instead.

Note that acer.js is directly cribbed from SLIKS.

Note that there is one embrace-and-extend feature beyond SLIKS.
In SLIKS your taxon definition must match either one specific
characteristic ("1") or any of them ("?").  In SAIKS, you may
specify "23" to match characteristics 2 and 3 but not 1.  The cost
is that to use more than 9 possible selections for a characteristic,
you must use "A" for 10 (and "B" for 11, all the way to "Z" for 35),
because "10" would mean 1 or 0 instead.


This repository was added to make getting the relevant source code a little
easier. The original webpage is 
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