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- What was the most exciting invention that was invented in your lifetime? What made it exciting to you?
- What was your first job? and what were you paid?
- What kind of music do you enjoy the most? How were you first exposed to that kind of music?
- What is the best choice you have made regarding your education? What led you to make that choice? Would you choose any different if you had it to do over?
- Who are the most important people in your life? At what moments in their lives were you the most proud of them?
- Can you list a few principles you have learned from studying God's word? How have you benefited from living these principles in your life?
- When have you felt most satisfied and at peace in your life? How did that come about?
- If you were to pick the two or three people you admire the very most, who would they be? Why do you admire them the very most?
- What is your favorite athletic or recreational activity? Has this changed over the course of your life?
- What did you want to be when you “growed” up?
- What are some of your all-time favorite songs? Do you remember the first time you heard them?
- Can you describe a time in your life when you felt a lot of adversity? How did you get through that time in your life?
- Do you like to read? What books have you enjoyed most?
- What is the biggest thing you have accomplished so far in your life? What opportunities and choices led you to accomplish that thing?
- When have you felt closest to the Savior in your life? Can you describe that time in your life?
- What are a few of the most difficult challenges or obstacles that you've had to overcome?
- Which books have been the most mind-expanding for you? How did you happen to choose those books to read?
- What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?
- What bedtime rituals did you have in your family? Why did you choose those particular rituals?
- How did you meet your spouse? What attracted you to them? What attracts you to them now?
- Do you remember a funny thing that one of your kids said?
- Where were you married? Why did you choose that place? Why did you choose to be married in the manner you did?
- What qualities did you admire most in your parents/grandparents? How did those qualities affect who you are?
- How did you plan your week as a family? Why did you do it that way?
- How have you gone about teaching your children the principles of work and thrift?
- How have you organized your personal and family study of God's word? What has been most effective for your family? and why?
- What are the most valuable memories you have of you time together as a family? Can you describe these memories?
- What have been the 3 most pivotal world events in your life so far? What did you think about these things?
- Who were your best friends? as a kid? as a youth? as an adult? What was it that you liked about each person?
- Where were your favorite places to go on vacation?
- What was your favorite calling in church? and why?
- What parts of the world have you seen? What were your impressions of them?
- When you were young, what was the price of milk? gasoline? soda pop? a home?