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This is the CHANGES file of the IDLWAVE distribution, version 6.2pre2
The file covers only the changes for Revision 3.0 and later. Earlier
changes are documented in the (obsolete) files idl.el and
idl-shell.el, available at
Revision 6.5
- Support for the Windows command-line IDL tool (as of version 7.1)
- Support for the new Eclipse-based help system, including direct
keyword linking.
- A new "help with topic" (C-M-?) command to lookup inidividual
help topics in the IDL help system, with completion.
- Fails gracefully if no help is installed (e.g. for IDL <6.1
without any HTML help module).
- Structure tag completion now enabled by default (e.g. for state
- Improved fontification handling of keywords, especially in
continued statements and routine definitions (routine keywords
stay fontified as you edit!).
- Better handling of spaces in filepaths for syncing the current
working directory.
- HideShow support. Just add `hs-minor-mode' to the mode hook (or
type M-x hs-minor-mode), and you can quickly hide and show
logical blocks, entire routines, etc. Very useful for working
with long files filled with many routines.
- Trim out spurious "None" superclasses in routine information of
classes without inheritance. You may need to rebuild your XML
Help catalog to accomplish this (IDLWAVE->Routine Info->Rescan
XML Help Catalog).
- Automatically list the enclosing routine name in ChangeLog
('C-x 4 a' appends a new ChangeLog entry).
- Changing the break condition or repeat count on a disabled
breakpoint now works correctly.
- Improved handling of windows and frames when use-dedicated-frame
is on, avoiding duplicate windows for an already showing buffer
(e.g. the *idl* buffer).
- Indenting now works as expected for $MAIN$ level routines (those
without a pro/function declaration).
- When retall is called (e.g. by hitting 'q' in debug mode),
IDLWAVE now escapes from stopped $MAIN$ level routines, skipping
any remaining commands.
- The fractional height of the shell buffer when it is displayed in
a non-dedicated frame is customizable (see
- Default command (C-c C-d C-y) prompts for the default command to
execute, if it hasn't yet been set. It also no longer resets IDL.
- Direct support in the shell for multi-line commands ending in '&'
executed as a single statement (e.g. FOR loops). Use C-c SPACE
to add a new command line at the IDL> prompt (and M-Ret to
continue the current line, just as in a buffer).
- When using up/down arrows to cycle through history in the Shell,
first move through multi-line commands line by line. Only when
at the beginning or end is the next history item recalled. This
makes editing and re-executing multi-line commands much easier.
Hold shift when hitting up/down arrow to skip through the full
multi-line command with one keypress (the old behavior).
Revision 6.0
- Use the new HTML help and XML routine info catalog distributed
with IDL starting with version 6.2. Help is now available
without a separate download, and is always in sync with IDLWAVE's
routine information.
- Use the new IDL Assistant directly by default to display bundled
HTML help.
- Fall back on class help for methods without any help entry.
- Allow keyword inheritence on system classes, in addition to user
classes with *_EXTRA keywords.
- Much better handling of >, <, >=, <=, ->, &, and && for space
padding with optional idlwave-surround-by-blank and
- Limit the total length printed when examining long arrays, using
'idlwave_print_safe'. Default limit 200.
- Read-only prompt in the shell with Emacs 22.
- No more complaints when compiling filenames with space.
- New convience command "e" in Electric Debug Mode, which prompts
for an expression to print.
- Better caching of path and system directory info gleaned from the
- Better checking/recompilation for idlwave_* helper routines
(e.g. if you are a frequent .full_reset_session user).
- Made default block indent 3 and main level indent 2 (users who
like the old defaults can customize and set
idlwave-main-block-indent to 0, idlwave-block-indent to 3,
idlwave-end-offset to -3, and idlwave-continuation-indent to 2).
- When stepping through code, the highlight color of the line where
IDL is currently stopped changes to gray temporarily, until IDL
stops at another line, to give feedback for long operations.
- When compiling files, the routine info for routines in that file
alone are updated from the shell, to avoid slow-down for very
large numbers of routines. C-c TAB updates all of them.
Revision 5.6
- New right-clickable break-point lines with a tooltip pop-up
describing the breakpoint, and a menu of options for clearing,
disabling, changing breakpoint conditions and repeat count, etc.
- Much faster breakpoint operations, especially over slow links or
when working with many hundreds or thousands of compiled
- More robust ability to set breakpoints at the beginning of a
module (procedure/function/method) referenced nearby, using the
same intelligent module inference as visit module uses.
- Solved occassional apparent "hang" of the shell, which would
require a return to be hit to flush the command queue (compiling,
setting breakpoints, etc.). Anecdotal evidence is that the
frequency of this hang increased in IDLv6.1. Note that, if you
are setting your own command prompt expression (e.g. for ENVI, or
a special purpose environment), you should use the format "^\r?
?IDL> " to avoid this problem (IDL outputs arbitrary return
characters occasionally).
- More careful evaluation of expressions pulled from higher levels
on the calling stack for examine commands (like C-c C-d C-p
`idlwave-shell-print'). Non-stack-local variable examinations
should be more robust for complicated expressions.
- New convenience key binding, C-c C-t, for visiting a module in
the current file, with a context-sensitive default module and
- Adding action and bindings to special regular expression
characters like "[" now works as expected (e.g. to force blanks
around array indices, use (idlwave-action-and-binding "["
'(idlwave-surround nil 1)), and similarly for "]").
- Two new default convenience abbreviations: \pv for "ptr_valid()"
and \ipv for "if ptr_valid() then" (with cursor placed between
the parentheses).
- With the optional 'complete-structtag module, auto-determine the
structure tags of structures being completed in the Shell
(similar to object methods).
Revision 5.5
- Allow completion/source-level help on structure or class
definitions which inherit some of their data field from other
structures in the same __define routine. Useful for
"on-the-spot" structure inheritance.
- Greatly improved structure parsing speed.
- Fix if statement issue: `&&' was being confused with multiple
commands on a line.
- Properly indent continuations in method calls after the arrow but
before the method name.
- Scan and lookup source for routines in buffers which have not yet
been saved to file.
Revision 5.4
- Update routine info and help for IDL v6.1.
- Improved breakpoint handling, including new enable/disable
breakpoint toggle command (C-c C-d C-\), and greyed-out
glyph/highlight appearance for disabled breakpoints.
- Fix continuation indent bug with function calls with keywords in
continued "IF" statements.
Revision 5.3
- New command for visiting routines in a file. With one arg
prefix, (C-u C-c C-v), you'll be prompted for a routine in the
current file to visit.
- A new optional "Kernighan"-style parentheses continuation indent
can be enabled with `idlwave-indent-parens-nested'.
- Bug fix when encountering "&" in comments.
- Procedures which are continued *before* the first comma are
- Better handling of continued statement blocks (e.g.
if.. then... else) with continuations.
- Tab-complete executive commands (e.g. .COMPILE) in the shell, with
linked help.
Revision 5.2
- Supports IDLv6.0, including a new set of HTML documentation.
- Pads new IDL6 assignment operators (e.g. #=, XOR=), when
`idlwave-surround-with-space' is set. Operators with
alphabetical prefixes must be separated from the left-hand-side
with a space.
- Better behavior of keyword and for-loop assignment padding.
- Rescan saved paths when "Save Path Info" selected.
- Fixed small continued statement indentation for closing
parentheses on a line by themselves.
- Better handling of continued statement indents with in-line
assignments and for loops, e.g. "if 1 then a=1 else $".
- Always show HTML help if available, using in-file help for those
routines with available source code as a backup.
- Filename completion after "." no longer confused with structure
Revision 5.1
- Fixed handling of method calls and keywords when padding
operators with `idlwave-surround-by-blank'.
- Context (not just completion) help on sysvar tags.
- Prevent electric-debug mode from enabling when traversing the
calling stack, unless it's already enabled.
- Fixed bug accidentally binding ESC when using "Shift" among your
- Improve continued assignment statement matching to allow
arbitrary left-hand side expressions.
- Added support for localizing doclib header sections (e.g. "nom"
instead of "name").
- Added links to top and bottom of each HTML help page, including a
custom-produced table of contents.
Revision 5.0
- Introduced Electric-Debug mode, for lightning fast stepping,
shortcut-driven variable examination, breakpoint operations, and
more, all using single keystrokes. Look for "*Debugging*" in the
mode line and a different colored stop line or arrow.
- HTML-based, fully-linked, context-aware online help with
configurable browser settings.
- New, more flexible routine catalog system. Any number of
per-directory "library catalogs" (in files named
".idlwave_catalog") will be automatically dicovered on the IDL
path and loaded. System-wide libraries can be scanned once for
all to use. Pre-scanned catalog files will be distributed with
popular libraries, and can be built by the user (perhaps
automatically using, e.g., cron) with the included
`idlwave_catalog' perl script. The older "user catalog"
(libinfo) functionality still exists alongside the new system.
- Help on system variable tags.
- Better breakpoint glyph display in the margins, with different
images for different breakpoint types (single, conditional,
after, etc.).
- Continuations with nothing (aside from "$" and possibly a
comment) after the opening comma or parenthesis of routine calls
and definitions, or the opening punctuation of a paren-pair
(arrays, structures, etc.), now assume you continued the line to
get more space, and "give you room" by reverting to the basic
- All completion commands can be given two prefix arguments
(e.g. C-u C-u M-TAB) to query for a regular expression by which
to limit completion.
- Better handling of history recall for multi-line commands in the
- Fixed breakpoint scanning for cases of both AFTER and CONDITION
being set.
- New commands for moving between breakpoint locations in a buffer.
- New command for setting a breakpoint at the beginning of the
enclosing routine.
- Fixed a rarely seen error with shadowed routine sorting order for
routines with files.
- File name completion for external shell commands (those beginning
with `$').
Revision 4.16
- Fixed XEmacs error when indenting continuation lines.
- Fixed case-bug when simultaneously upcasing and expanding generic
END statements (i.e. when using `idlwave-reserved-word-upcase'
with 'idlwave-expand-generic-end').
- Improved Debug Menu when running the Shell, including the super
examination pop-up commands as menu items (for both expression at
point, and region).
- Highlighted stop-line is cleared when retall'ing.
- Better continuation of single statement if..then..else
continuation lines.
- Fixed broken drag-to-examine functionality on the newest XEmacs
- Debugging commands (breakpoints, stepping, etc.) now work in
$MAIN$ level routines.
- Fixed a rare error when stepping code yourself (e.g., with
- When not showing shell output ( e.g., for stepping commands; see
`idlwave-shell-show-commands'), any errors in the output will
still be displayed.
- An occassional hang when finding keys (e.g. when showing a
routine definition block for the last routine in a file) was
Revision 4.15
- Routine info for routines with multi-threading keywords is now
displayed correctly, and these keywords are linked in online
- Fixed bug in Makefile causing trouble compiling when using older
versions of help.
- Filename completion in the shell works more cleanly without
corruption, and can now complete blank filenames in the local
directory (e.g. open,'[Tab]).
- Filename completion in the shell now works after "@" batch
- Better handling of obscure syntax errors.
- A special loadable module (`idlw-roprompt') allows Emacs 21 users
to make the "IDL>" prompt read-only.
- Bug fix: All tags are now found for tag completion on self, and
in other structures when the optional completion module
`complete-struct-tag' is used.
- Bug fix: alignment on the `=' of an assignment now permits a more
complicated LHS (e.g. a.(0)[1]=...).
- Fixed bug when using multi-word abbreviations like "\ei": an
erroneous begin-end block matching error was being issued.
- Fixed system variable tag completion bug when using
idlw-complete-structtag for easy structure completion.
- Breakpoints are now temporarily disabled when using "Continue to
Here" and "Continue to End of Block", ensuring this always works
- Added custom variable for controlling how much of the background
communication between buffer and shell is displayed
(`idlwave-shell-show-commands'). You can even turn on
'everything to get a peek behind the curtain.
- By default, object method and method keyword completions in the
shell now query the shell for the object class during the
completion. E.g. "a=obj_new("idl_container") & a->[Tab]" will
automatically learn that "a" is an IDL_CONTAINER object and offer
the correct procedure methods.
- You can now set a conditional breakpoint with a simple prefix arg
to the breakpoint command (i.e. [C-u C-c C-d C-b]), which will
prompt you for the IDL expression.
- Fixed bug when completing procedure methods on multi-statement
- When completing class structure tags (self.[Tab]), or regular
structure (via idlw-complete-structtag) you can now right click
on the tags in the completion buffer to pull up their definition
in the help window. Context help also works on class structure
- Class structure tags from superclasses are labelled with the
class in the *Completions* buffer.
- Bug fix for indenting continuation lines which contain "pro" or
"function" somewhere within their argument list.
Revision 4.14
- More sensible handling of multiple *Examine* buffer windows,
allowing permanent resizing of windows.
- "q" in an *Examine* window closes it, and "c" clears the old contents.
- Continued statements at the end of a multi-line statement (with
`&') have continuation indent correctly calculated.
- Continued qualified method procedure calls now indented correctly.
Revision 4.13
- Security improvement for temporary files.
- New convenience routine for creating abbreviations.
- Much-improved indentation for multi-line comments in function and
procedure calls, structure definitions, etc.... no more lines
with "$" only required.
- Continued routine calls and definitions, structure and class
definitions, and assignment statements now line up on the first
non-blank character after the opening punctuation. To save
space, this can be disabled for indentation shifts larger than a
configurable value, in which case IDLWAVE still attempts to keep
things neat.
- Bug fix: improper alignment when splitting strings fixed.
- Bug fix: keyword completion in continued function calls which are
themselves continued fixed.
- Bug fix: keyword completion failed for class::Init in obj_new(),
if routine completion-case set to any other than 'preserve or
- Several new abbreviations and updated easy abbrev customization.
- Procedures on lines with multiple statements (using `&') are now
treated correctly for routine info and help.
- Custom "examine" commands can be created easily using two new
macros, for binding to keys or mouse clicks.
- Variable/expression print, help, and other examine commands now
work in the shell as well as the buffer.
- A new examine mouse binding pops-up a customizable list of
examine functions to apply to the expression selected.
Revision 4.12
- New support for Speedbar.
- Bug fix in explicit class name completion/help/routine info:
a->b::c now completes correctly.
Revision 4.11
- New configureable class-driven keyword inheritance in Completion
for common methods (like Init, and (Get|Set)Property) which chain
keyword inheritance up the class stack.
- Bug fix for space padding: the method invocation operator,"->",
will now be padded immediately upon entry, if
`idlwave-surround-by-blank' is non-nil.
- Bug fix in generic END expansion: faulty capitalization was
occuring when END expansion was coupled with reserved word
- Numerous documentation improvements, including a description of
the structure tag completion plug-in.
Revision 4.10
- New maintainer: J.D. Smith <jdsmith at>
- Compatible with IDL v5.5's new breakpoint listing
format, along with the older format.
- Updated routine info for new routines and new keywords to
existing routines, taken from the `What's New' document shipped
with the IDL v5.5 release.
- Updated online help text, from the `What's New' document.
- The get_rinfo script can now take a `fixup' file for adding
updated help and routine info material.
- New frame creation handled better with quick shell (idlwave-shell
- A few updates for better Emacs 21 compatibility.
Revision 4.9
- Idle time is used to automatically initialize the routine info.
See new variable `idlwave-init-rinfo-when-idle-after'.
- When using the mouse to print variables an expressions, you now
can also drag over a region to define the expression to print.
- Before doing file name completion in the shell, the Emacs working
directory is switched to the current IDL working directory.
- The IDL procedure "BEEP" works again in the IDLWAVE Shell.
- Fixed display problem with multiple frames.
- In places where completion defaults to *keywords*, you can force
function name completion with a C-u prefix to M-TAB.
- Some bugs fixed.
Revision 4.8
- The shell preserves the command history between sessions. See
new variables `idlwave-shell-command-history-file' and
- New variable `idlwave-indent-to-open-paren' which can be used to
turn off deep indentation of continuation lines. Example:
x = function_a(function_b(function_c( a, b, $
d, c)))
- The library catalog can be updated with a background job so that
you can continue to work while it runs.
- A double prefix argument to `idlwave-shell-print' evaluates
and prints the current region as an expression.
- When the IDL process under the shell exits, it runs
- Fixed bug with deleting last window on IDL exit.
- Fixed bug (exponential regexp) with parsing Liam Gumley's routine
Revision 4.7
- New way to define key bindings for debugging commands
See variable `idlwave-shell-debug-modifiers'.
- Variable `idlwave-shell-activate-alt-keybindings' obsolete.
- Tutorial added to the documentation.
- Bugfix with !PATH query under Solaris (Craig Markwardt)
Revision 4.6
- Shell window more like xterm:
- show as much output as possible
- up and down arrows do history stuff (see new variable
- Routine info and help files updated to IDL 5.4
- Support for the new IDL statements (SWITCH, BREAK, CONTINUE)
- Bugfix for shell printing of identifiers with `!' and `.'
- File name completion in strings in buffers, similar to the shell.
- Fixed file name completion with a dash in file names.
- Font-lock enhancements in structure definitions: Structure name
and tag names.
- END is replaced by ENDIF etc already when indenting a line with TAB.
- Fixed bug with parsing of routine definition if comment lines are
scallered between continuation lines.
- `idlwave-close-block' and `idlwave-abbrev-change-case'
interaction bug fixed.
- Routine info and source lookup switch to INIT automatically when
the cursor is in keyword section of an OBJ_NEW call.
- Fixed BUG with getting system variable info from the Shell under
IDL5.2 and earlier. Used to produce a compilation error, now
just silently fails.
Revision 4.5
- Bug fixed with structure parsing in CLASS__define procedures.
Revision 4.4
- IDLWAVE understands inheritance in all important contexts.
- Completion of system variables and their tags.
- Completion of class structure tags on "self" variables.
Revision 4.3
- The IDL procedure "BEEP" works in the IDLWAVE Shell
- Fixed bug with dedicated shell frame display under Emacs
(patch from Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan <>)
Revision 4.2
- Fixed bug with context-help when at end-of-buffer.
- Ambiguous kwd abbrev and non-existent in online help kwd
now ring the bell.
- Toggling the toolbar causes a redraw-frame on Emacs (21 only).
- Allow for space between a function and `('.
- Forcing completion type with prefix arg to M-TAB fixed in the shell.
- Fixed bug when exiting shell with *idl* as the only window.
- The class of object "self" is assumed of be the current routines class.
Revision 4.1
- Fixed bug in which unresolved routines could shadow catalog entries.
- Fixed the incorrect installation instructions in README.hlp.
- Online help for non-system stuff makes use of the DocLib file header.
- Abbreviated keywords are treated correctly for online help.
- Source files displayed as online help can be fontified
(off by default, see variable `idlwave-help-fontify-source-code').
- Multiple definitions of a routine in one file count as shadowing.
- Facility to send single characters to interact with GET_KBRD (see manual)
- The shell defines a system variable !IDLWAVE_VERSION, which can
be used by a program to detect if it is running under Emacs or not.
- More efficient way of querying the shell for routine info.
- Fixed bug in get_rinfo -> 10 mode keywords recognized.
- Fixed bug with translation of help topics.
- Fixed bug for completion context after continuation lines.
- Fixed bug with Keyword insertion after `(' from Routine Info Window.
Revision 4.0
- Fast and accurate IDL online help. Two additional files need to
be installed, they are not part of the standard distribution.
Help is triggered with `M-?', and by clicking with mouse-3 on
items in the Routine Info buffer or in *Completions*.
- Global IDL namespace analysis to produce a list of routines
with definitions in several files.
- Clicking on a keyword in the routine-info buffer inserts
the keyword in the buffer from which `C-c ?' was called.
- More intelligent completion in OBJ_NEW calls.
- Class completion after PRO and FUNCTION.
- Abbrev expansion in the shell.
- `idlwave-pad-keywords' can also have a value `keep'.
- `idlwave-scan-all-buffers-for-routine-info' can also have value
`current' to scan only the current buffer but no other buffers.
Revision 3.15
- Printing expressions while execution is halted can now also
access all levels on the calling stack.
- Padding of long operators (like `->') is now possible. The
object arrow `->' has been added to the defaults - when
`idlwave-do-actions' is non-nil, `->' will have at least one
space before and after it.
- Code templates now respect settings of `idlwave-abbrev-change-case'
and `idlwave-reserved-word-upcase'.
- Fixed bug with `idlwave-pad-keywords' in procedure method calls.
- Fontification of keyword parameters works with embedded comments.
Revision 3.13
- Minor cleanup.
Revision 3.12
- 3 files had to be renamed, in order to get IDLWAVE included in the
Emacs distribution:
- idlwave-shell.el -> idlw-shell.el
- idlwave-rinfo.el -> idlw-rinfo.el
- idlwave-toolbar.el -> idlw-toolbar.el
When installing this version, make sure to remove the old
idlwave-*.el files and update the autoload for `idlwave-shell'.
Revision 3.11
- Final cleanup before installing in the Emacs and XEmacs distributions.
Revision 3.10
- Fixed bug with `idlwave-shell-automatic-start'.
- Fixed bug with the info files.
Revision 3.9
- Exiting the shell does not kill the *idl* buffer.
- Shell prompt pattern allows single whitespace before "IDL>"
Revision 3.8
- Library scan implemented for Windows and MacOS. On these systems
the search path need to be given in `idlwave-library-path'.
- *Completions* window disappears after successful completion.
- Fixed library scan bug with keywords in continuations line.
Revision 3.7
- Completion of Object methods finalized.
- Exiting the IDLWAVE shell now kills all associated buffers and
the dedicated frame (if applicable).
- Documentation finalized. The printed documentation is 24 pages.
Available online in Emacs (info), as postscript and HTML.
Revision 3.6
- You can make IDLWAVE prescan library files for routine info.
Revision 3.5
- Completion and Routine Info display now also work for object
- Completion and Routine Info display available in the IDLWAVE Shell.
- Debugging Toolbar adapted for Emacs 21.
- First draft of TeXInfo documentation.
- Fixed bug with END expansion in CASE lists.
Revision 3.4
- Fixed bug in Makefile with install-tags
- Fixed bug in with concat in XEmacs 21.x
- Enforced FSF coding standards, to prepare for installation in
main Emacs distributions.
Revision 3.3
- `C-c ?' displays the calling sequence and keyword parameters of a
routine. Works for most builtin IDL routines, the routines you
are currently editing, and the compiled routines in the idlwave-shell.
- `M-tab' completes procedure names, function names and keyword
parameters in the buffer.
- New source file idlwave-rinfo.el contains the code for these new
Revision 3.2
- The cleanup after the idl process finishes is now reliable and gets
called exactly once.
- Toolbar code moved to a separate source file.
- Fixed bug with `display-buffer' in Emacs 19.
Revision 3.0
File idlwave.el
- New maintainer Carsten Dominik <>
- Renamed mode and all variables and functions. The new prefix is
`idlwave-' instead of `idl-'. This was necessary to evade a name
clash with the idl-mode defined in `cc-mode.el' which is part of
X/Emacs 20 distributions.
- Added Customize support.
- New commands `idlwave-beginning-of-block' and `idlwave-end-of-block'.
- New command `idlwave-close-block'.
- The type of END at the end of the block is checked.
- Font-lock enhancements. Multi-level fontification based on the
value of `font-lock-maximum-decoration'. Reunified the different
expressions for Emacs and XEmacs.
- `idlwave-show-begin' check the correctness of the END statement.
- `idlwave-surround' exception for `->'.
- Better listing of abbreviations with `idlwave-list-abbrevs'.
- Some general cleanup of the code. Menu reorganized.
- Both imenu (Emacs) and func-menu (XEmacs) are now supported.
- Dropped support for Emacs 18 and hilit19.el.
- Rewrite of the docstring for the Mode. Made more compact, to
make more people read it. Too long parts moved to the Commentary.
- Revision number jumps to 3.0 to synchronize with idlwave-shell.el.
File idlwave-shell.el
- New maintainer Carsten Dominik <>
- Renamed mode and all functions and variables to use `idlwave-' instead
of `idl-' prefix. This was necessary to avoid a name clash with
`idl-mode' which is defined in cc-mode.el.
- Made the stop-line-overlay work for XEmacs as well. Changed the
associated face to 'highlight.
- Breakpoint lines are highlighted with a glyph or a special face.
- Debugging toolbar under XEmacs.
- To get a special frame for the shell buffer, set the variable
`idlwave-shell-use-dedicated-frame' to t, or call `idlwave-shell'
with a prefix arg. The hook suggested for in Revision 2.4 for
the same purpose probably still works, but is no longer recommended.
- Changed the default `idlwave-shell-use-truename' to nil, since we ensure
now internally to not visit the same file twice under different names.
- Menu reorganized.
- Implemented a number of new commands. Check the "Debug" menu.