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;;; idlw-help.el --- HTML Help code for IDLWAVE
;; Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
;; 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Authors: J.D. Smith <jdtsmith _AT_>
;; Carsten Dominik <dominik _AT_>
;; Maintainer: J.D. Smith
;; Version: VERSIONTAG
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; The help link information for IDLWAVE's online help feature for
;; system routines is extracted automatically from the IDL
;; documentation, and is available, along with general routine
;; information, in the file idlw-rinfo.el. The HTML help file
;; themselves are not distributable with Emacs, but are available,
;; along with new versions of IDLWAVE, documentation, and more
;; information, at:
;;; Code:
(defvar idlwave-help-browse-url-available t
"Whether browse-url is available")
(require 'browse-url)
(defvar idlwave-html-link-sep "#")
(defface idlwave-help-link
'((((class color)) (:foreground "Blue"))
(t (:weight bold)))
"Face for highlighting links into IDLWAVE online help."
:group 'idlwave-online-help)
(defvar idlwave-help-frame nil
"The frame for display of IDL online help.")
(defvar idlwave-help-frame-width 102
"The default width of the help frame.")
(defvar idlwave-html-help-is-available nil
"Is the system online help text avaiable?")
(defvar idlwave-help-mode-line-indicator ""
"Used for the special mode line in the idlwave-help-mode.")
(defvar idlwave-help-window-configuration nil)
(defvar idlwave-help-special-topic-words nil) ; defined by get_rinfo
(defvar idlwave-help-def-pos)
(defvar idlwave-help-args)
(defvar idlwave-help-in-header)
(declare-function idlwave-prepare-structure-tag-completion "idlw-complete-structtag")
(defun idlwave-help-mode ()
"Major mode for displaying IDL Help.
This is a VIEW mode for the ASCII version of IDL Help files,
with some extras. Its main purpose is speed - so don't
expect a fully hyper-linked help.
Scrolling: SPC DEL RET
Text Searches: Inside Topic: Use Emacs search functions
Exit: [q]uit or mouse button 3 will kill the frame
When the hep text is a source file, the following commands are available
Fontification: [F]ontify the buffer like source code
Jump: [h] to function doclib header
[H] to file doclib header
[.] back and forward between header and definition
Here are all keybindings.
(setq major-mode 'idlwave-help-mode
mode-name "IDLWAVE Help")
(use-local-map idlwave-help-mode-map)
(easy-menu-add idlwave-help-menu idlwave-help-mode-map)
(setq truncate-lines t)
(setq case-fold-search t)
(setq mode-line-format
(list ""
": " 'idlwave-help-mode-line-indicator
" -%-"))
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(set (make-local-variable 'idlwave-help-def-pos) nil)
(set (make-local-variable 'idlwave-help-args) nil)
(set (make-local-variable 'idlwave-help-in-header) nil)
(run-mode-hooks 'idlwave-help-mode-hook))
(defvar idlwave-current-obj_new-class)
(defvar idlwave-help-diagnostics)
(defvar idlwave-experimental)
(defvar idlwave-last-context-help-pos)
(defun idlwave-do-context-help (&optional arg)
"Wrapper around the call to idlwave-context-help1.
It collects and prints the diagnostics messages."
(let ((marker (list (current-buffer) (point)))
(idlwave-help-diagnostics nil))
;; Check for frame switching. When the command is invoked twice
;; at the same position, we try to switch to the help frame
;; FIXME: Frame switching works only on XEmacs
(if (and idlwave-experimental
(equal last-command this-command)
(equal idlwave-last-context-help-pos marker))
;; Do the real thing.
(setq idlwave-last-context-help-pos marker)
(idlwave-do-context-help1 arg)
(if idlwave-help-diagnostics
(message "%s" (mapconcat 'identity
(nreverse idlwave-help-diagnostics)
"; "))))))
(defvar idlwave-help-do-class-struct-tag nil)
(defvar idlwave-structtag-struct-location)
(defvar idlwave-help-do-struct-tag nil)
(defvar idlwave-system-variables-alist)
(defvar idlwave-executive-commands-alist)
(defvar idlwave-system-class-info)
(defun idlwave-do-context-help1 (&optional arg)
"The work-horse version of `idlwave-context-help', which see."
(if (equal (char-after) ?/)
(forward-char 1)
(if (equal (char-before) ?=)
(backward-char 1)))
(let* ((idlwave-query-class nil)
(idlwave-force-class-query (equal arg '(4)))
(chars "a-zA-Z0-9_$.!")
(beg (save-excursion (skip-chars-backward chars) (point)))
(end (save-excursion (skip-chars-forward chars) (point)))
(this-word (buffer-substring-no-properties beg end))
(st-ass (assoc-ignore-case this-word
(classtag (and (string-match "self\\." this-word)
(< beg (- end 4))))
(structtag (and (fboundp 'idlwave-complete-structure-tag)
(string-match "\\`\\([^.]+\\)\\." this-word)
(< beg (- end 4))))
module keyword cw mod1 mod2 mod3)
(if (or arg
(and (not classtag)
(not structtag)
(not (member (string-to-char this-word) '(?! ?.)))))
;; Need the module information
;; MODULE is (name type class), for this or any inheriting class
(setq module (idlwave-what-module-find-class)
cw (nth 2 (idlwave-where))) ;what would we complete here?
;; Correct for OBJ_NEW, we may need an INIT method instead.
(if (equal (idlwave-downcase-safe (car module)) "obj_new")
(let* ((bos (save-excursion (idlwave-beginning-of-statement)
(str (buffer-substring bos (point))))
(if (string-match "OBJ_NEW([ \t]*['\"]\\([a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9$_]+\\)['\"]" str)
(setq module (list "init" 'fun (match-string 1 str))
idlwave-current-obj_new-class (match-string 1 str))
(arg (setq mod1 module))
;; A special topic -- only system help
((and st-ass (not (memq cw '(function-keyword procedure-keyword))))
(setq mod1 (list (cdr st-ass))))
;; A system variable -- only system help
(let* ((word (match-string-no-properties 1 this-word))
(entry (assq (idlwave-sintern-sysvar word)
(tag (match-string-no-properties 3 this-word))
(tag-target (if tag
(assq (idlwave-sintern-sysvartag tag)
(cdr (assq 'tags entry))))))
(link (cdr (assq 'link entry))))
(if tag-target
(setq link (idlwave-substitute-link-target link
(setq mod1 (list link))))
;; An executive command -- only system help
((string-match "^\\.\\([A-Z_]+\\)" this-word)
(let* ((word (match-string 1 this-word))
(link (cdr (assoc-ignore-case
(setq mod1 (list link))))
;; A class -- system OR in-text help (via class__define).
((and (eq cw 'class)
(or (idlwave-in-quote) ; e.g. obj_new
(re-search-backward "\\<inherits[ \t]+[A-Za-z0-9_]*\\="
(max (point-min) (- (point) 40)) t)))
;; Class completion inside string delimiters must be
;; the class inside OBJ_NEW.
(let* ((entry (assq
(idlwave-sintern-class this-word)
(name (concat (downcase this-word) "__define"))
(link (nth 1 (assq 'link entry))))
(setq mod1 (list link name 'pro))))
;; A class structure tag (self.BLAH) -- only in-text help available
(let ((tag (substring this-word (match-end 0)))
class-with found-in)
(when (setq class-with
(nth 2 (idlwave-current-routine))
(setq found-in (idlwave-class-found-in class-with))
(if (assq (idlwave-sintern-class class-with)
(error "No help available for system class tags"))
(setq idlwave-help-do-class-struct-tag t)
(setq mod1 (list nil
(if found-in
(cons (concat found-in "__define") class-with)
(concat class-with "__define"))
nil ; no class.... it's a procedure!
;; A regular structure tag -- only in text, and if
;; `complete-structtag' loaded.
(let ((var (match-string 1 this-word))
(tag (substring this-word (match-end 0))))
;; Check if we need to update the "current" structure
(idlwave-prepare-structure-tag-completion var)
(setq idlwave-help-do-struct-tag
mod1 (list nil nil nil nil tag))))
;; A routine keyword -- in text or system help
((and (memq cw '(function-keyword procedure-keyword))
(stringp this-word)
(string-match "\\S-" this-word)
(not (string-match "!" this-word)))
(cond ((or (= (char-before beg) ?/)
(save-excursion (goto-char end)
(looking-at "[ \t]*=")))
;; Certainly a keyword. Check for abbreviation etc.
(setq keyword (idlwave-expand-keyword this-word module))
((null keyword)
(format "%s does not accept `%s' kwd"
(idlwave-make-full-name (nth 2 module)
(car module))
(upcase this-word))
((consp keyword)
(format "%d matches for kwd abbrev `%s'"
(length keyword) this-word)
;; We continue anyway with the first match...
(setq keyword (car keyword))))
;; Keyword, or just module
(setq mod1 (append (list t) module (list keyword)))
(setq mod2 (append (list t) module)))
((equal (char-after end) ?\()
;; A function - what-module will have caught this
(setq mod1 (append (list t) module)))
;; undecided - try function, keyword, then enclosing mod.
;; Check for keyword abbreviations, but do not report
;; errors, because it might be something else.
;; FIXME: is this a good way to handle this?
(setq keyword (idlwave-expand-keyword this-word module))
(if (consp keyword) (setq keyword (car keyword)))
(setq mod1 (append (list t) module (list keyword))
mod2 (list t this-word 'fun nil)
mod3 (append (list t) module)))))
;; Everything else
(setq mod1 (append (list t) module))))
(if mod3
(condition-case nil
(apply 'idlwave-online-help mod1)
(error (condition-case nil
(apply 'idlwave-online-help mod2)
(error (apply 'idlwave-online-help mod3)))))
(if mod2
(condition-case nil
(apply 'idlwave-online-help mod1)
(error (apply 'idlwave-online-help mod2)))
(if mod1
(apply 'idlwave-online-help mod1)
(error "Don't know which item to show help for")))))))
(defun idlwave-do-mouse-completion-help (ev)
"Display online help on an item in the *Completions* buffer.
Needs additional info stored in global `idlwave-completion-help-info'."
(let* ((cw (selected-window))
(info idlwave-completion-help-info) ; global passed in
(what (nth 0 info))
(name (nth 1 info))
(type (nth 2 info))
(class (nth 3 info))
(need-class class)
(kwd (nth 4 info))
(sclasses (nth 5 info))
word link)
(mouse-set-point ev)
;; See if we can also find help somewhere, e.g. for multiple classes
(setq word (idlwave-this-word))
(if (string= word "")
(error "No help item selected"))
(setq link (get-text-property 0 'link word))
(select-window cw)
;; Routine name
((memq what '(procedure function routine))
(setq name word)
(if (or (eq class t)
(and (stringp class) sclasses))
(let* ((classes (idlwave-all-method-classes
(idlwave-sintern-method name)
(setq link t) ; No specific link valid yet
(if sclasses
(setq classes (idlwave-members-only
classes (cons class sclasses))))
(setq class (idlwave-popup-select ev classes
"Select Class" 'sort))))
;; XXX is this necessary, given all-method-classes?
(if (stringp class)
(setq class (idlwave-find-inherited-class
(idlwave-sintern-routine-or-method name class)
type (idlwave-sintern-class class)))))
;; Keyword
((eq what 'keyword)
(setq kwd word)
(if (or (eq class t)
(and (stringp class) sclasses))
(let ((classes (idlwave-all-method-keyword-classes
(idlwave-sintern-method name)
(idlwave-sintern-keyword kwd)
(setq link t) ; Link can't be correct yet
(if sclasses
(setq classes (idlwave-members-only
classes (cons class sclasses))))
(setq class (idlwave-popup-select ev classes
"Select Class" 'sort))
;; XXX is this necessary, given all-method-keyword-classes?
(if (stringp class)
(setq class (idlwave-find-inherited-class
(idlwave-sintern-routine-or-method name class)
type (idlwave-sintern-class class)))))
(if (string= (downcase name) "obj_new")
(setq class idlwave-current-obj_new-class
name "Init"))))
;; Class name
((eq what 'class)
(setq class word
word nil))
;; A special named function to call which sets some of our variables
((and (symbolp what)
(fboundp what))
(funcall what 'set word))
(t (error "Cannot help with this item")))
(if (and need-class (not class) (not (and link (not (eq link t)))))
(error "Cannot help with this item"))
(idlwave-online-help link (or name word) type class kwd)))
(defvar idlwave-highlight-help-links-in-completion)
(defvar idlwave-completion-help-links)
(defun idlwave-highlight-linked-completions ()
"Highlight all completions for which help is available and attach link.
Those words in `idlwave-completion-help-links' have links. The
`idlwave-help-link' face is used for this."
(if idlwave-highlight-help-links-in-completion
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer "*Completions*")
(let* ((case-fold-search t)
(props (list 'face 'idlwave-help-link))
(info idlwave-completion-help-info) ; global passed in
(what (nth 0 info)) ; what was completed, or a func
(class (nth 3 info)) ; any class
word beg end doit)
(goto-char (point-min))
(re-search-forward "possible completions are:" nil t)
(while (re-search-forward "\\s-\\([A-Za-z0-9_.]+\\)\\(\\s-\\|\\'\\)"
nil t)
(setq beg (match-beginning 1) end (match-end 1)
word (match-string 1) doit nil)
;; Call special completion function test
(if (and (symbolp what)
(fboundp what))
(setq doit (funcall what 'test word))
;; Look for special link property passed in help-links
(if idlwave-completion-help-links
(setq doit (assoc-ignore-case
word idlwave-completion-help-links))))
(when doit
(if (consp doit)
(setq props (append props `(link ,(cdr doit)))))
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(add-text-properties beg end props)))
(goto-char end)))))))
;; Arrange for this function to be called after completion
(add-hook 'idlwave-completion-setup-hook
(defvar idlwave-help-return-frame nil
"The frame to return to from the help frame.")
(defun idlwave-help-quit ()
"Exit IDLWAVE Help buffer. Kill the dedicated frame if any."
(cond ((and idlwave-help-use-dedicated-frame
(eq (selected-frame) idlwave-help-frame))
(if (and idlwave-experimental
(frame-live-p idlwave-help-return-frame))
;; Try to select the return frame.
;; This can crash on slow network connections, obviously when
;; we kill the help frame before the return-frame is selected.
;; To protect the workings, we wait for up to one second
;; and check if the return-frame *is* now selected.
;; This is marked "eperimental" since we are not sure when its OK.
(let ((maxtime 1.0) (time 0.) (step 0.1))
(select-frame idlwave-help-return-frame)
(while (and (sit-for step)
(not (eq (selected-frame)
(< (setq time (+ time step)) maxtime)))))
(delete-frame idlwave-help-frame))
((window-configuration-p idlwave-help-window-configuration)
(set-window-configuration idlwave-help-window-configuration)
(select-window (previous-window)))
(t (kill-buffer (idlwave-help-get-help-buffer)))))
(defvar default-toolbar-visible-p)
(defun idlwave-help-display-help-window (&optional pos-or-func)
"Display the (source-based) help window.
Move window start to POS-OR-FUNC, if passed as a position, or call it
if passed as a function. See `idlwave-help-use-dedicated-frame'."
(let ((cw (selected-window))
(buf (idlwave-help-get-help-buffer)))
(if (and window-system idlwave-help-use-dedicated-frame)
(switch-to-buffer buf))
;; Do it in this frame and save the window configuration
(if (not (get-buffer-window buf nil))
(setq idlwave-help-window-configuration
(display-buffer buf nil (selected-frame))
(select-window (get-buffer-window buf)))
(if pos-or-func
(if (functionp pos-or-func)
(funcall pos-or-func)
(goto-char pos-or-func)
(recenter 0)))
(select-window cw)))
(defun idlwave-help-select-help-frame ()
"Select the (source-based) help frame."
(if (and (frame-live-p idlwave-help-frame)
(not (eq (selected-frame) idlwave-help-frame)))
(setq idlwave-help-return-frame (selected-frame))
(select-frame idlwave-help-frame))))
(defun idlwave-help-return-to-calling-frame ()
"Select the frame from which the help frame was selected."
(if (and (frame-live-p idlwave-help-return-frame)
(not (eq (selected-frame) idlwave-help-return-frame)))
(select-frame idlwave-help-return-frame)))
(defun idlwave-online-help (link &optional name type class keyword entry)
"Display HTML or other special help on a certain topic.
Either loads an HTML link, if LINK is non-nil, or gets special-help on
the optional arguments, if any special help is defined. If LINK is
`t', first look up the optional arguments in the routine info list to
see if a link is set for it. Try extra help functions if necessary."
;; Lookup link
(if (eq link t)
(let ((entry (or entry
(idlwave-best-rinfo-assoc name type class
(idlwave-routines) nil t))))
(if entry
;; Try keyword link
((and keyword
(setq link (cdr
(idlwave-entry-find-keyword entry keyword)))))
;; Default, regular entry link
(t (setq link (idlwave-entry-has-help entry))))
(if (and
;; Check for system class help
(setq entry (assq (idlwave-sintern-class class)
link (nth 1 (assq 'link entry))))
(concat "No routine info for %s"
", falling back on class help.")
(idlwave-make-full-name class name))))))
;; An explicit link
((stringp link)
(idlwave-help-html-link link))
;; Any extra help
(idlwave-help-get-special-help name type class keyword))
;; Nothing worked
(t (idlwave-help-error name type class keyword))))
(defun idlwave-help-get-special-help (name type class keyword)
"Call the function given by `idlwave-extra-help-function'."
(let* ((cw (selected-window))
(help-pos (with-current-buffer (idlwave-help-get-help-buffer)
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(funcall idlwave-extra-help-function
name type class keyword)))))
(if help-pos
(idlwave-help-display-help-window help-pos)
(idlwave-help-error name type class keyword))
(select-window cw)))
(defun idlwave-help-html-link (link)
"Get html help on a given LINK."
(let* ((browse-url-browser-function idlwave-help-browser-function)
(browse-url-generic-program idlwave-help-browser-generic-program)
(help-loc (idlwave-html-help-location))
(alternate (expand-file-name "idl.htm" (file-name-directory help-loc)))
;; Just a regular file name (+ anchor name)
(unless (or idlwave-help-use-eclipse-help
(and (stringp help-loc)
(file-directory-p help-loc)))
(error "Invalid help request"))
;; If possible, subsume as anchor under idl.htm, new as of IDL 8.3
(if (file-exists-p alternate)
(setq link (file-relative-name link help-loc)
help-loc (concat alternate "#")))
(setq full-link (browse-url-file-url (concat help-loc link)))
;; Select the browser
(idlwave-help-eclipse-help-open-link link))
((or idlwave-help-browser-is-local
(string-match "w3" (symbol-name idlwave-help-browser-function)))
(idlwave-help-display-help-window '(lambda () (browse-url full-link))))
(t (browse-url full-link)))))
;; A special help routine for source-level syntax help in files.
(defvar idlwave-help-fontify-source-code)
(defvar idlwave-help-source-try-header)
(defvar idlwave-current-tags-buffer)
(defvar idlwave-current-tags-class)
(defun idlwave-help-with-source (name type class keyword)
"Provide help for routines not documented in the IDL manuals. Works
by loading the routine source file into the help buffer. Depending on
the value of `idlwave-help-source-try-header', it attempts to show the
routine definition or the header description. If
`idlwave-help-do-class-struct-tag' is non-nil, keyword is a tag to
show help on from the class definition structure. If
`idlwave-help-do-struct-tag' is non-nil, show help from the matching
structure tag definition.
This function can be used as `idlwave-extra-help-function'."
(let* ((class-struct-tag idlwave-help-do-class-struct-tag)
(struct-tag idlwave-help-do-struct-tag)
(case-fold-search t)
(real-class (if (consp name) (cdr name)))
(name (if (consp name) (car name) name))
(class-only (and (stringp class) (not (stringp name))))
file header-pos def-pos in-buf)
(if class-only ;Help with class? Using "Init" as source.
(setq name "Init"
type 'fun))
(if (not struct-tag)
(setq file
(nth 3 (idlwave-best-rinfo-assoc
name (or type t) class (idlwave-routines))))))
(setq idlwave-help-def-pos nil
idlwave-help-args (list name type class keyword)
idlwave-help-in-header nil
idlwave-help-do-struct-tag nil
idlwave-help-do-class-struct-tag nil)
(if (or struct-tag (stringp file))
(setq in-buf ; structure-tag completion is always in current buffer
(if struct-tag
(idlwave-get-buffer-visiting file)))
;; see if file is in a visited buffer, insert those contents
(if in-buf
(setq file (buffer-file-name in-buf))
(insert-buffer-substring in-buf))
(if (file-exists-p file) ;; otherwise just load the file
(insert-file-contents file nil nil nil 'replace))
(idlwave-help-error name type class keyword)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (and idlwave-help-fontify-source-code (not in-buf))
(idlwave-help-error name type class keyword))
(setq idlwave-help-mode-line-indicator file)
;; Try to find a good place to display
(setq def-pos
;; Find the class structure tag if that's what we're after
;; Class structure tags: find the class or named structure
;; definition
(setq class
(if (string-match "[a-zA-Z0-9]\\(__\\)" name)
(substring name 0 (match-beginning 1))
(idlwave-find-class-definition class nil real-class)
(idlwave-find-struct-tag keyword))))
;; Generic structure tags: the structure definition
;; location within the file has been recorded in
;; `struct-tag'
(integerp struct-tag)
(goto-char struct-tag)
(idlwave-find-struct-tag keyword))))
;; Just find the routine definition
(if class-only (point-min)
(idlwave-help-find-routine-definition name type class keyword))))
idlwave-help-def-pos def-pos)
(if (and idlwave-help-source-try-header
(not (or struct-tag class-struct-tag)))
;; Check if we can find the header
(goto-char (or def-pos (point-max)))
(setq header-pos (idlwave-help-find-in-doc-header
name type class keyword 'exact)
idlwave-help-in-header header-pos)))
(if (or header-pos def-pos)
(if (boundp 'idlwave-help-min-frame-width)
(setq idlwave-help-min-frame-width 80))
(goto-char (or header-pos def-pos)))
(idlwave-help-error name type class keyword))
(defun idlwave-help-find-routine-definition (name type class keyword)
"Find the definition of routine CLASS::NAME in current buffer.
KEYWORD is ignored. Returns the point of match if successful, nil otherwise."
(goto-char (point-max))
(if (re-search-backward
(concat "^[ \t]*"
(if (eq type 'pro) "pro"
(if (eq type 'fun) "function"
"[ \t]+"
(regexp-quote (downcase (idlwave-make-full-name class name)))
"[, \t\r\n]")
nil t)
(match-beginning 0)
(defvar idlwave-doclib-start)
(defvar idlwave-doclib-end)
(defun idlwave-help-find-in-doc-header (name type class keyword
&optional exact)
"Find the requested help in the doc-header above point.
First checks if there is a doc-lib header which describes the correct
routine. Then tries to find the KEYWORDS section and the KEYWORD, if
given. Returns the point which should be window start of the help
window. If EXACT is non-nil, the full help position must be found -
down to the keyword requested. This setting is for context help, if
the exact spot is needed.
If EXACT is nil, the position of the header is returned if it
describes the correct routine - even if the keyword description cannot
be found. TYPE is ignored.
This function expects a more or less standard routine header. In
particlar it looks for the `NAME:' tag, either with a colon, or alone
on a line. Then `NAME:' must be followed by the routine name on the
same or the next line. When KEYWORD is non-nil, looks first for a
`KEYWORDS' section. It is amazing how inconsisten this is through
some IDL libraries I have seen. We settle for a line containing an
upper case \"KEYWORD\" string. If this line is not fould we search
for the keyword anyway to increase the hit-rate
When one of these sections exists we check for a line starting with any of
with spaces allowed between the keyword and the following dash or equal sign.
If there is a match, we assume it is the keyword description."
(let* ((case-fold-search t)
(rname (if (stringp class)
;; Traditional name or class::name
"\\(" (regexp-quote (downcase class)) "::\\)?"
(regexp-quote (downcase name))
;; class__define or just class
(regexp-quote (downcase class)) "\\(__define\\)?")
(regexp-quote (downcase name))))
;; NAME tag plus the routine name. The new version is from JD.
(name-re (concat
"\\(^;+\\*?[ \t]*"
"\\([ \t]*:\\|[ \t]*$\\)[ \t]*\\(\n;+[ \t]*\\)*"
"^;+[ \t]*"
":[ \t]*$\\)"))
;; Header start plus name
(header-re (concat "\\(" idlwave-doclib-start "\\).*\n"
"\\(" name-re "\\)"))
;; A keywords section
(kwds-re (concat ; forgiving
"^;+\\*?[ \t]*"
"\\([-A-Z_ ]*"
"[-A-Z_ ]*\\)"
"\\(:\\|[ \t]*\n\\)"))
;; The individual keyword description line.
(kwd-re (if keyword ; hard (well...)
"^;+[ \t]+"
"\\(/" (regexp-quote (upcase keyword))
"\\|" (regexp-quote (upcase keyword)) "[ \t]*[-=:\n]"
(kwd-re2 (if keyword ; forgiving
"^;+[ \t]+"
(regexp-quote (upcase keyword))
dstart dend name-pos kwds-pos kwd-pos)
(catch 'exit
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (and (setq dstart (re-search-forward idlwave-doclib-start nil t))
(setq dend (re-search-forward idlwave-doclib-end nil t)))
;; found a routine header
(goto-char dstart)
(if (setq name-pos (re-search-forward name-re dend t))
(if keyword
;; We do need a keyword
;; Try to find a keyword section, but don't force it.
(goto-char name-pos)
(if (let ((case-fold-search nil))
(re-search-forward kwds-re dend t))
(setq kwds-pos (match-beginning 0)))
;; Find the keyword description
(if (or (let ((case-fold-search nil))
(re-search-forward kwd-re dend t))
(re-search-forward kwd-re dend t)
(let ((case-fold-search nil))
(re-search-forward kwd-re2 dend t))
(re-search-forward kwd-re2 dend t))
(setq kwd-pos (match-beginning 0))
(if exact
(format "Could not find description of kwd %s"
(upcase keyword)))
(throw 'exit nil))))))
;; Return the best position we got
(throw 'exit (or kwd-pos kwds-pos name-pos dstart)))
(goto-char dend))))
(idlwave-help-diagnostics "Could not find doclib header")
(throw 'exit nil))))
(defun idlwave-help-diagnostics (string &optional ding)
"Add a diagnostics string to the list.
When DING is non-nil, ring the bell as well."
(if (boundp 'idlwave-help-diagnostics)
(setq idlwave-help-diagnostics
(cons string idlwave-help-diagnostics))
(if ding (ding)))))
(defun idlwave-help-toggle-header-top-and-def (arg)
(interactive "P")
(let (pos)
(if idlwave-help-in-header
;; Header was the last thing displayed
(setq idlwave-help-in-header nil)
(setq pos idlwave-help-def-pos))
;; Try to display header
(setq pos (idlwave-help-find-in-doc-header
(nth 0 idlwave-help-args)
(nth 1 idlwave-help-args)
(nth 2 idlwave-help-args)
(if pos
(setq idlwave-help-in-header t)
(error "Cannot find doclib header for routine %s"
(idlwave-make-full-name (nth 2 idlwave-help-args)
(nth 0 idlwave-help-args)))))
(if pos
(goto-char pos)
(recenter 0)))))
(defun idlwave-help-find-first-header (arg)
(interactive "P")
(let (pos)
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (re-search-forward idlwave-doclib-start nil t)
(setq pos (match-beginning 0))))
(if pos
(goto-char pos)
(recenter 0))
(error "No DocLib Header in current file"))))
(defun idlwave-help-find-header (arg)
"Jump to the DocLib Header."
(interactive "P")
(if arg
(idlwave-help-find-first-header nil)
(setq idlwave-help-in-header nil)
(idlwave-help-toggle-header-match-and-def arg 'top)))
(defun idlwave-help-toggle-header-match-and-def (arg &optional top)
(interactive "P")
(let ((args idlwave-help-args)
(if idlwave-help-in-header
;; Header was the last thing displayed
(setq idlwave-help-in-header nil)
(setq pos idlwave-help-def-pos))
;; Try to display header
(setq pos (apply 'idlwave-help-find-in-doc-header
(if top
(list (car args) (nth 1 args) (nth 2 args) nil)
(if pos
(setq idlwave-help-in-header t)
(error "Cannot find doclib header for routine %s"
(idlwave-make-full-name (nth 2 idlwave-help-args)
(nth 0 idlwave-help-args)))))
(if pos
(goto-char pos)
(recenter 0)))))
(defvar font-lock-verbose)
(defvar idlwave-mode-syntax-table)
(defvar idlwave-font-lock-defaults)
(defun idlwave-help-fontify ()
"Fontify the Help buffer as source code.
Useful when source code is displayed as help. See the option
(if (featurep 'font-lock)
(let ((major-mode 'idlwave-mode)
(if (interactive-p) font-lock-verbose nil)))
(set-syntax-table idlwave-mode-syntax-table)
(set (make-local-variable 'font-lock-defaults)
(defun idlwave-help-error (name type class keyword)
(error "Can't find help on %s%s %s"
(or (and (or class name) (idlwave-make-full-name class name))
(if keyword (format ", keyword %s" (upcase keyword)) "")
(if idlwave-html-help-location
"(help location unknown)")))
(defun idlwave-help-show-help-frame ()
"Show the help frame, creating it if necessary"
;; Use a special frame for this
(unless (frame-live-p idlwave-help-frame)
(setq idlwave-help-frame
(make-frame idlwave-help-frame-parameters))
;; Strip menubar (?) and toolbar from the Help frame.
(if (fboundp 'set-specifier)
;; XEmacs
(let ((sval (cons idlwave-help-frame nil)))
;; (set-specifier menubar-visible-p sval)
(set-specifier default-toolbar-visible-p sval)))
;; Emacs
(modify-frame-parameters idlwave-help-frame
'(;;(menu-bar-lines . 0)
(tool-bar-lines . 0)))))
(select-frame idlwave-help-frame))
(defun idlwave-help-get-help-buffer ()
"Return the IDLWAVE Help buffer. Make it first if necessary."
(let ((buf (get-buffer "*IDLWAVE Help*")))
(when (not buf)
(setq buf (get-buffer-create "*IDLWAVE Help*"))
(with-current-buffer buf
(defun idlwave-grep (regexp list)
(let (rtn)
(while list
(if (string-match regexp (car list))
(setq rtn (cons (car list) rtn)))
(setq list (cdr list)))
(nreverse rtn)))
(defun idlwave-entry-has-help (entry)
(and entry (car (nth 5 entry))))
(defun idlwave-has-help (name type class)
"Does this have help associated with it?"
(let ((entry (idlwave-best-rinfo-assoc name type class (idlwave-routines))))
(idlwave-entry-has-help entry)))
(defvar idlwave-help-with-topic-history nil
"The history of help topics selected with the minibuffer.")
(defun idlwave-help-with-topic (&optional topic)
"Prompt for and provide help with TOPIC."
(let (list)
(unless topic
(setq list (append (mapcar (lambda (x)
(cons (idlwave-make-full-name x)
(idlwave-routine-first-link-file x)))
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(cons (concat "." (car x)) (cdr x)))
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(cons (car x) (nth 1 (assq 'link x))))
topic (idlwave-completing-read
"Help Topic: " list
nil nil nil
(if (and topic (not (string= topic ""))
(setq topic (assoc-string topic list t)))
(idlwave-help-html-link (cdr topic)))))
(defun idlwave-html-help-location ()
"Return the help directory where HTML files are, or nil if that is unknown."
;; Note that starting with IDL 7, the HTML files are not included
;; directly, so this becomes vestigial.... except that starting with
;; IDL 8.0, HTML files were included again, i.e. re-non-vestigial.
(let ((sys-dir (idlwave-sys-dir)) help-dir)
(cond ((and (stringp idlwave-html-system-help-location)
(> (length idlwave-html-system-help-location) 0)
(file-exists-p (setq help-dir
help-dir) ;; And explicitly specified directory
((file-exists-p (setq help-dir
"help/online_help/IDL/Content" sys-dir)))
help-dir) ;; IDL 8.0
((file-exists-p (setq help-dir
(expand-file-name "help/online_help/" sys-dir)))
help-dir) ;; IDL 6.3-7.0
((file-exists-p (setq help-dir
(expand-file-name "help/" sys-dir)))
help-dir)))) ;; IDL <6.3
(defvar idlwave-help-use-eclipse-help nil)
(defun idlwave-help-check-locations ()
;; Check help locations, etc.
(if (not (file-directory-p (idlwave-sys-dir)))
(message "IDL system directory not found: try setting `idlwave-system-directory' or IDL_DIR."))
;; see if we have eclipse (or nothing)
(setq idlwave-help-use-eclipse-help
(and (file-executable-p (idlwave-help-eclipse-help-command))
(file-exists-p (expand-file-name "idl_catalog.xml"
"help" (idlwave-sys-dir))))
(not (file-directory-p (idlwave-html-help-location))))))
;;---- Control the idlhelp Eclipse-based help front-end, which shipped
;;---- with IDL v7.0
;; The Windows version does not have a !DIR/bin/* set of front-end
;; scripts, but instead only links directly to bin.x86. As a result,
;; we must pass the -profile argument as well.
(defvar idlwave-help-eclipse-help-command
(if (memq system-type '(ms-dos windows-nt))
"The command, rooted at idlwave-system-directory, which invokes the
the idlhelp script.")
(defun idlwave-help-eclipse-help-command ()
(expand-file-name idlwave-help-eclipse-help-command (idlwave-sys-dir)))
(defvar idlwave-help-eclipse-hook-added nil)
(defun idlwave-help-eclipse-help-open-link (&optional link)
"Start IDL Eclipse-Help (if needed), loading link FULL-LINK, if passed."
(let ((command (idlwave-help-eclipse-help-command)))
(if (string-match "\.html$" link) ;; Strip HTML, unless anchored
(setq link (substring link 0 (match-beginning 0))))
(if (not idlwave-help-eclipse-hook-added)
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'idlwave-help-eclipse-kill)
(setq idlwave-help-eclipse-hook-added t))
(apply 'call-process command nil 0 nil (if link `("-topic" ,link)))))
(defun idlwave-help-eclipse-kill ()
(let ((command (idlwave-help-eclipse-help-command)))
(call-process command nil 0 nil "-command" "shutdown")))
(provide 'idlw-help)
(provide 'idlwave-help)
;; arch-tag: d27b5505-59de-497f-ba3f-f199fd4fb911
;;; idlw-help.el ends here
(defvar idlwave-system-routines)