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idlwave-online-help: direct entry option

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1 parent 90b181e commit 54efc774a7f1a2e977ec03531f9bb10f13532da7 @jdtsmith committed Apr 30, 2013
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7 idlw-help.el
@@ -728,16 +728,17 @@ if passed as a function. See `idlwave-help-use-dedicated-frame'."
(not (eq (selected-frame) idlwave-help-return-frame)))
(select-frame idlwave-help-return-frame)))
-(defun idlwave-online-help (link &optional name type class keyword)
+(defun idlwave-online-help (link &optional name type class keyword entry)
"Display HTML or other special help on a certain topic.
Either loads an HTML link, if LINK is non-nil, or gets special-help on
the optional arguments, if any special help is defined. If LINK is
`t', first look up the optional arguments in the routine info list to
see if a link is set for it. Try extra help functions if necessary."
;; Lookup link
(if (eq link t)
- (let ((entry (idlwave-best-rinfo-assoc name type class
- (idlwave-routines) nil t)))
+ (let ((entry (or entry
+ (idlwave-best-rinfo-assoc name type class
+ (idlwave-routines) nil t))))
(if entry
;; Try keyword link

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