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Define variables.

From upstream Emacs, define variables
Variables not defined generate compiler warnings.
Don't define unneeded variables.
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1 parent ba16611 commit 7525e0b0addd916e896673ffab6991bf291f014b @jdtsmith committed Jan 29, 2010
Showing with 20 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +6 −1 idlw-help.el
  2. +14 −12 idlwave.el
7 idlw-help.el
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
;;; Code:
-(defvar idlwave-help-browse-url-available nil
+(defvar idlwave-help-browse-url-available t
"Whether browse-url is available")
(setq idlwave-help-browse-url-available
@@ -1451,3 +1451,8 @@ IDL assistant.")
;; arch-tag: d27b5505-59de-497f-ba3f-f199fd4fb911
;;; idlw-help.el ends here
+(defvar idlwave-system-routines)
26 idlwave.el
@@ -2132,9 +2132,6 @@ Returns point if comment found and nil otherwise."
(backward-char 1)
-(defvar transient-mark-mode)
-(defvar zmacs-regions)
-(defvar mark-active)
(defun idlwave-region-active-p ()
"Is transient-mark-mode on and the region active?
Works on both Emacs and XEmacs."
@@ -5099,6 +5096,8 @@ Cache to disk for quick recovery."
nil 'idlwave-load-rinfo-next-step))))))
+(defvar idlwave-after-load-rinfo-hook nil)
(defun idlwave-load-all-rinfo (&optional force)
;; Load and case-treat the system, user catalog, and library routine
;; info files.
@@ -5289,6 +5288,7 @@ Can run from `after-save-hook'."
(defvar idlwave-scanning-lib-dir)
+(defvar idlwave-scanning-lib)
(defun idlwave-parse-definition (string)
"Parse a module definition."
(let ((case-fold-search t)
@@ -5910,6 +5910,10 @@ end
(defvar idlwave-completion-help-links nil)
(defvar idlwave-current-obj_new-class nil)
(defvar idlwave-complete-special nil)
+(defvar method-selector)
+(defvar class-selector)
+(defvar type-selector)
+(defvar super-classes)
(defun idlwave-complete (&optional arg module class)
"Complete a function, procedure or keyword name at point.
@@ -6495,10 +6499,6 @@ Must accept two arguments: `apos' and `info'.")
;; Default as fallback
(t class))))
-(defvar type-selector)
-(defvar class-selector)
-(defvar method-selector)
-(defvar super-classes)
(defun idlwave-selector (a)
(and (eq (nth 1 a) type-selector)
(or (and (nth 2 a) (eq class-selector t))
@@ -6747,6 +6747,7 @@ This function is not general, can only be used for completion stuff."
"A form to evaluate after completion selection in *Completions* buffer.")
(defconst idlwave-completion-mark (make-marker)
"A mark pointing to the beginning of the completion string.")
+(defvar completion-highlight-first-word-only) ;XEmacs.
(defun idlwave-complete-in-buffer (type stype list selector prompt isa
&optional prepare-display-function
@@ -8734,6 +8735,9 @@ with this command."
(interactive "P")
(idlwave-list-load-path-shadows nil nil "globally"))
+(defvar idlwave-sort-prefer-buffer-info t
+ "Internal variable used to influence `idlwave-routine-twin-compare'.")
(defun idlwave-list-load-path-shadows (arg &optional special-routines loc)
"List the routines which are defined multiple times.
Search the information IDLWAVE has about IDL routines for multiple
@@ -8915,11 +8919,9 @@ routines, and may have been scanned."
(setcar entry 'builtin))
(sort alist 'idlwave-routine-twin-compare)))
-(defvar type)
-(defvar class)
-(defvar idlwave-sort-prefer-buffer-info t
- "Internal variable used to influence `idlwave-routine-twin-compare'.")
+;; FIXME: Dynamically scoped vars need to use the `idlwave-' prefix.
+;; (defvar type)
+;; (defvar class)
(defmacro idlwave-xor (a b)
`(and (or ,a ,b)
(not (and ,a ,b))))

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