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Don't require unnecessary things.

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1 parent 8a9197e commit aa0d37c454a6e83e5a64ddb946f45656dd0b4e5f @jdtsmith committed Jan 29, 2010
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  1. +1 −4 idlw-help.el
  2. +1 −5 idlwave.el
@@ -41,10 +41,7 @@
(defvar idlwave-help-browse-url-available t
"Whether browse-url is available")
-(setq idlwave-help-browse-url-available
- (condition-case nil
- (require 'browse-url)
- (error nil)))
+(require 'browse-url)
(defgroup idlwave-online-help nil
"Online Help options for IDLWAVE mode."
@@ -4932,7 +4932,6 @@ Cache to disk for quick recovery."
(error "No such XML routine info file: %s" catalog-file)
(if (not (file-readable-p catalog-file))
(error "Cannot read XML routine info file: %s" catalog-file)))
- (require 'xml)
(message "Reading XML routine info...")
(setq rinfo (xml-parse-file catalog-file))
(message "Reading XML routine info...done")
@@ -9318,20 +9317,17 @@ Assumes that point is at the beginning of the unit as found by
(defun idlwave-show-commentary ()
"Use the finder to view the file documentation from `idlwave.el'."
- (require 'finder)
(finder-commentary "idlwave.el"))
(defun idlwave-shell-show-commentary ()
"Use the finder to view the file documentation from `idlw-shell.el'."
- (require 'finder)
(finder-commentary "idlw-shell.el"))
(defun idlwave-info ()
"Read documentation for IDLWAVE in the info system."
- (require 'info)
- (Info-goto-node "(idlwave)"))
+ (info "idlwave"))
(defun idlwave-list-abbrevs (arg)
"Show the code abbreviations define in IDLWAVE mode.

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