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Don't let IDL page

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commit baf495965e1668d47cad4ca00091257bf8f98b58 1 parent 8836a21
@jdtsmith authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 idlw-shell.el
4 idlw-shell.el
@@ -1086,10 +1086,10 @@ IDL has currently stepped.")
;; Run the hooks.
(run-mode-hooks 'idlwave-shell-mode-hook)
(idlwave-shell-send-command idlwave-shell-initial-commands nil 'hide)
- ;; Turn off IDL's ^d interpreting, and define a system
+ ;; Turn off IDL's paging, and define a system
;; variable which knows the version of IDLWAVE
- (format "defsysv,'!idlwave_version','%s',1" idlwave-mode-version)
+ (format "!MORE=0 & defsysv,'!idlwave_version','%s',1" idlwave-mode-version)
nil 'hide)
;; Read the paths, and save if they changed
(idlwave-shell-send-command idlwave-shell-path-query
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