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Optimize long continue statement indentation.

Overly permissive regexp in skip-multi-commands
Eliminate multiple re-computation of end-of-statement in start-of-substatement
and callees.
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1 parent 09b14f4 commit e364df9db041913790074a1c3dcafe0f2ef08c67 @jdtsmith committed May 11, 2010
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  1. +12 −9 idlwave.el
@@ -2616,13 +2616,13 @@ If not in a statement just moves to end of line. Returns position."
-(defun idlwave-next-statement ()
+(defun idlwave-next-statement (&optional eos)
"Move point to beginning of the next IDL statement.
Returns t if that statement is the last non-comment IDL statement
in the file, and nil otherwise."
(let (last-statement)
- (idlwave-end-of-statement)
+ (if eos (goto-char eos) (idlwave-end-of-statement))
;; skip blank lines, label lines, include lines and line comments
(while (and (= (forward-line 1) 0)
;; The current statement is the last statement until
@@ -2638,15 +2638,15 @@ in the file, and nil otherwise."
(defun idlwave-skip-multi-commands (&optional lim)
"Skip past multiple commands on a line (or multiple lines) (with `&')."
(let ((save-point (point)))
- (while (re-search-forward "[^&]*?\\(&\\)[^&]" lim t)
+ (while (re-search-forward "\\s-\\(&\\)[^&]" lim t)
(if (and (not (idlwave-quoted))
(not (eq (char-before (- (point) 1)) ?&)))
(setq save-point (point))))
(goto-char save-point)
-(defun idlwave-skip-label-or-case ()
+(defun idlwave-skip-label-or-case (&optional eos)
"Skip label or case statement element.
Returns position after label.
If there is no label point is not moved and nil is returned."
@@ -2660,7 +2660,7 @@ If there is no label point is not moved and nil is returned."
;; As many in this mode, this function is heuristic and not an exact
;; parser.
(let* ((start (point))
- (eos (save-excursion (idlwave-end-of-statement) (point)))
+ (eos (or eos (save-excursion (idlwave-end-of-statement) (point))))
(end (idlwave-find-key ":" 1 'nomark eos)))
(if (and end
(= (nth 0 (parse-partial-sexp start end)) 0)
@@ -2680,11 +2680,14 @@ Returns point at start of substatement modulo whitespace.
If optional argument is non-nil move to beginning of current
(let ((orig (point))
- (eos (idlwave-end-of-statement))
- (ifnest 0)
+ (eos (save-excursion (idlwave-end-of-statement) (point)))
+ (ifnest 0)
st nst last)
- (idlwave-skip-label-or-case)
+ (setq last (point))
+ (idlwave-skip-label-or-case eos)
+ (if (and pre (> (point) orig)) ;; Previous statement isn't beyond point!
+ (goto-char last))
(if (< (point) orig)
(idlwave-skip-multi-commands orig))
(setq last (point))
@@ -2700,7 +2703,7 @@ substatement."
(setq ifnest (1- ifnest))
(goto-char (match-end 0)))
(t (setq ifnest 0)
- (idlwave-next-statement))))
+ (idlwave-next-statement eos))))
(if pre (goto-char last))
;; If a continuation line starts here, move to next line
(when (looking-at "[ \t]*\\$\\([ \t]*\\(;\\|$\\)\\)")

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