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This is the README file for the IDLWAVE distribution, version VERSIONTAG
-Your kit should contain the following files:
+IDLWAVE is an add-on mode for GNU Emacs which enables feature-rich
+development and interaction with IDL, the Interactive Data Language.
+It provides a compelling, full-featured alternative to the IDLDE
+development environment bundled with IDL.
-README This file
-INSTALL A brief installation guide, including help installation
-CHANGES The package history
-ChangeLog Detailed list of changes to the code
-COPYING The GNU General Public License
-Makefile The Makefile to compile and install IDLWAVE
-lpath.el A file needed to compile the lisp files
-idlwave.el The Lisp code for idlwave-mode
-idlw-shell.el The Lisp code for idlwave-shell-mode
-idlw-help.el The Lisp code for the help system
-idlw-toolbar.el The Lisp code for the toolbar
- The Lisp code for optional structure tag completion
-idlw-roprompt.el The Lisp code for the optional read-only prompt
- (unnecessary with Emacs >= 22)
-idlwave.texi The TeX-Info documentation source
-idlwave The Info files (the documentation in Info format)
+In addition to the Emacs package and its documentation, this
+repository also includes:
idlwave_catalog A Perl program to produce your own library catalog
".idlwave_catalog" files. Intentionally buggy practice source code for the
tutorial. See the`Getting Started' section in the
-The most recent version of IDLWAVE and associated help files are
-available at:
+CHANGES The package history

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