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This is the README file for the IDLWAVE distribution, version VERSIONTAG 

Your kit should contain the following files:

README              This file
INSTALL             A brief installation guide, including help installation
CHANGES             The package history
ChangeLog           Detailed list of changes to the code
COPYING             The GNU General Public License
Makefile            The Makefile to compile and install IDLWAVE
lpath.el            A file needed to compile the lisp files

idlwave.el          The Lisp code for idlwave-mode
idlw-shell.el       The Lisp code for idlwave-shell-mode
idlw-help.el        The Lisp code for the help system
idlw-toolbar.el     The Lisp code for the toolbar
		    The Lisp code for optional structure tag completion
idlw-roprompt.el    The Lisp code for the optional read-only prompt 
		    (unnecessary with Emacs >= 22)

idlwave.texi        The TeX-Info documentation source
idlwave             The Info files (the documentation in Info format)

idlwave_catalog     A Perl program to produce your own library catalog 
                    ".idlwave_catalog" files.        Intentionally buggy practice source code for the 
		    tutorial.  See the`Getting Started' section in the 

The most recent version of IDLWAVE and associated help files are
available at:
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