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A python package for functional data analysis using the square root slope framework and curves using the square root velocity framework which performs pair-wise and group-wise alignment as well as modeling using functional component analysis and regression.


v2.2.10 is on pip and can be installed using

pip install fdasrsf

or conda

conda install -c conda-forge fdasrsf

To install the most up to date version on github

python install

please see requirements for a list of packages fdasrsf depends on


The documentation is available at, which includes detailed information of the different modules, classes and methods of the package, along with several examples showing different functionalities.


All contributions are welcome. You can help this project be better by reporting issues, bugs, or forking the repo and creating a pull request.


The package is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. A copy of the license can be found along with the code.


See references below on methods implemented in this package, some of the papers can be found at this website

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