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An Isomorphic CRUD Application implementing the SAM Pattern

This sample was inspired by the blog post from @rajaraodv on building a React/Redux CRUD App

The client-side version of this sample is hosted on HyperDev

The project contains 4 files:

  • blog.html / the client
  • blog.js / the isomorphic app
  • server.js / the server
  • package.json / you know the drill

If you want to use the (optional) Postman library that creates a Postman collection from the APIs of your app, you can download it here

You can switch between the client or client/server app by commenting out the corresponding lines in these two functions (blog.html):

	function present(data) {
		// client side
		//model.present(data) ;

		// server side
		$.post( "http://localhost:5425/app/v1/present", data) 
		.done(function( representation ) {
			$( "#representation" ).html( representation );

	function init() {
		// client side
		//view.display(view.init(model)) ;

		// server side
		$.get( "http://locahost:5425/app/v1/init", function( data ) {
			$( "#representation" ).html( data );

to start the server:

	$ npm install
	$ node server

You can check if the server is running correctly by opening this URL