A "The Riot Games API Challenge" entry where you can test your knowledge of the Meta
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Meta Urf

Welcome to Meta Urf - a fully-functional Symfony2 application that allows web users to test their knowledge of the League of Legends Meta in the featured game mode Ultra Rapide Fire.



You downloaded the source and extracted it. Your server is configured so that the ./web of the project is accessible by a browser.

You need a database engine (mysql), with the rights to create a new database, or an empty database at your disposal.


Composer is required to build the project.

If you have curl :

curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Then, run composer install :

php composer.phar install

Final steps


php app/console assets:install web --symlink && app/console assetic:dump

Cache and logs permissions

You will likely need to fix the ./app/cache and ./app/logs folders permissions.


To initiate the database and its structure :

app/console doctrine:database:create
app/console doctrine:schema:create


The ./app/config/config.yml must be updated to include your Riot Games API Key.

This parameter was moved to ./app/config/parameters.yml (created once you performed the php composer.phar install command.

You will need to initiate the local champion data :

app/console murf:static-champion-init

The websites stores URF game sets returned by the api (api-challenge-v4.1) and uses them for the random series, but also as fallback if something goes wrong while loading the data from the API (too many connections ...). As a result, you should load a couple sets/series into your database. It's easy, just access this URL of your website dev environment : http://yoursite.com/app_dev.php/api-set.

When moving to production, you should import some data from a test/dev environment to smooth things out.

Use it

That's it, the site should be fully functionnal !