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(ns conduit.core
(:use [clojure.contrib.seq-utils :only [indexed]]
[clojure.contrib.def :only [defalias defmacro-]]
[clojure.pprint :only [pprint]]
(defn merge-parts [ps]
(apply merge-with merge
(map (comp :parts meta) ps)))
(defn abort-c [c]
(c []))
(defn conduit-seq-fn [l]
(fn curr-fn [x]
(let [new-f (conduit-seq-fn (rest l))]
(if (empty? l)
[nil abort-c]
(fn [c]
(c [(first l)]))]))))
(defn conduit-seq [l]
"create a stream processor that emits the contents of a list
regardless of what is fed to it"
(conduit-seq-fn l))
(defn a-run [f]
"execute a stream processor function"
(let [[new-f c] (f nil)
y (c identity)]
(nil? new-f) (list)
(empty? y) (recur new-f)
:else (lazy-seq
(cons (first y)
(a-run new-f))))))
(defn wait-for-reply [f x]
((second (f x)) identity))
(defn enqueue [f & xs]
(loop [[x & xs] xs
f f]
(when x
(let [[new-f result-f] (f x)]
(result-f nil)
(recur xs new-f)))))
(defn comp-fn [[f & fs]]
(fn curr-fn [x]
(let [[new-f first-c] (f x)
[new-fs new-c] (reduce (fn [[new-fs c] f]
(let [y (c identity)
[new-f new-c] (if (empty? y)
[f abort-c]
(f (first y)))]
[(conj new-fs new-f) new-c]))
[[new-f] first-c]
[(when-not (some nil? new-fs)
(comp-fn new-fs))
(defn nth-fn [n f]
(fn curr-fn [xs]
(if (<= (count xs) n)
[curr-fn abort-c]
(let [[new-f new-c] (f (nth xs n))]
[(nth-fn n new-f)
(fn [c]
(if (nil? c)
(new-c nil)
(let [y (new-c identity)]
(if (empty? y)
(c [])
(c [(assoc xs n (first y))])))))]))))
(defn gather-fn [[fs ys] [f y]]
[(conj fs f) (conj ys y)])
(defn par-fn [fs]
(fn curr-fn [xs]
(if (not= (count xs) (count fs))
[curr-fn abort-c]
(let [[new-fs cs] (reduce gather-fn
[[] []]
(map #(%1 %2) fs xs))]
[(par-fn new-fs)
(fn [c]
(if (nil? c)
(doseq [c cs]
(c nil))
(let [ys (map #(% identity) cs)]
(if (some empty? ys)
(c [])
(c [(apply concat ys)])))))]))))
(defn select-fn [selection-map]
(fn curr-fn [[v x]]
(if-let [f (or (get selection-map v)
(get selection-map '_))]
(let [[new-f c] (f x)]
[(select-fn (assoc selection-map v new-f)) c])
[curr-fn abort-c])))
(defn loop-fn
([f prev-x]
(fn curr-fn [x]
(let [[new-f c] (f [prev-x x])
y (c identity)]
(if (empty? y)
[curr-fn abort-c]
[(loop-fn new-f (first y)) (fn [c]
(when c
(c y)))]))))
([f fb-f prev-x]
(fn curr-fn [x]
(let [[new-f c] (f [prev-x x])
y (c identity)]
(if (empty? y)
[curr-fn abort-c]
(let [[new-fb fb-c] (fb-f (first y))
fb-y (fb-c identity)]
(if (empty? fb-y)
[curr-fn abort-c]
[(loop-fn new-f new-fb (first fb-y))
(fn [c]
(when c
(c y)))])))))))
(defarrow conduit
[a-arr (fn [f]
(fn a-arr [x]
(let [y (f x)]
[a-arr (fn [c]
(when c
(c [y])))]))
{:created-by :a-arr
:args f}))
a-comp (fn [& ps]
(if (< (count ps) 2)
(first ps)
(comp-fn ps))
{:parts (merge-parts ps)
:created-by :a-comp
:args ps}))
a-nth (fn [n p]
(nth-fn n p)
{:parts (:parts p)
:created-by :a-nth
:args [n p]}))
a-par (fn [& ps]
(par-fn ps)
{:created-by :a-par
:args ps
:parts (merge-parts ps)}))
a-all (fn [& ps]
(a-comp (a-arr (partial repeat (count ps)))
(apply a-par ps))
{:created-by :a-all
:args ps}))
a-select (fn [& vp-pairs]
(let [pair-map (apply hash-map vp-pairs)]
(select-fn pair-map)
{:created-by :a-select
:args pair-map
:parts (merge-parts (vals pair-map))})))
a-loop (fn
([p initial-value]
(loop-fn p initial-value)
{:created-by :a-loop
:args [p initial-value]
:parts (:parts p)}))
([p initial-value fb-p]
(loop-fn p fb-p initial-value)
{:created-by :a-loop
:args [p initial-value fb-p]
:parts (:parts p)})))
(def a-arr (conduit :a-arr))
(def a-comp (conduit :a-comp))
(def a-nth (conduit :a-nth))
(def a-par (conduit :a-par))
(def a-all (conduit :a-all))
(def a-select (conduit :a-select))
(def a-loop (conduit :a-loop))
(defn conduit-map [p l]
(if (empty? l)
(a-run (comp-fn [(conduit-seq l) p]))))
(def pass-through
(a-arr identity))
(defn a-selectp [pred & vp-pairs]
(a-all (a-arr pred)
(apply a-select vp-pairs)))
(defn a-if [a b & [c]]
(let [c (or c (a-arr (constantly nil)))]
(a-comp (a-all (a-arr (comp boolean a))
true b
false c))))
(defn a-catch
([p catch-p]
(a-catch Exception p catch-p))
([class p catch-p]
(letfn [(a-catch [f catch-f]
(fn [x]
(let [[new-f c] (f x)]
[(a-catch f catch-f) c])
(catch Throwable e
(if (instance? class e)
(let [[new-catch c] (catch-f [e x])]
[(a-catch f new-catch) c])
(throw e))))))]
(a-catch p catch-p)
{:parts (:parts p)
:created-by :a-catch
:args [class p catch-p]}))))
(defn a-finally [p final-p]
(letfn [(a-finally [f final-f]
(fn [x]
(let [[new-f c] (f x)]
[(a-finally new-f final-f) c])
(final-f x)))))]
(a-finally p final-p)
{:parts (:parts p)
:created-by :a-finally
:args [p final-p]})))
(defmacro def-arr [name args & body]
`(def ~name (a-arr (fn ~name ~args ~@body))))
(defn a-filter [f]
(fn curr-fn [x]
(if (f x)
[curr-fn (fn [c]
(when c
(c [x])))]
[curr-fn abort-c]))
{:create-by :a-filter
:args f}))
(defn tap [p]
(fn [x]
(let [[new-f new-c] (p x)]
(new-c nil)
[new-f (fn [c]
(when c
(c [x])))])))
(defn disperse [p]
(fn curr-fn [xs]
(if (empty? xs)
[curr-fn (fn [c]
(when c
(c [xs])))]
(let [[new-f cs] (reduce (fn [[new-f cs] x]
(let [[new-f c] (new-f x)]
[new-f (conj cs c)]))
[p []]
[(disperse new-f) (fn [c]
(if (nil? c)
(doseq [c cs]
(c nil))
(let [ys (map #(% identity) cs)]
(if (some empty? ys)
(c [])
(c [(apply concat ys)])))))])))
{:created-by :disperse
:args p
:parts (:parts p)}))
(defn test-conduit [p]
(let [args (:args (meta p))]
(condp = (:created-by p)
nil p
:a-arr (a-arr args)
:a-comp (apply a-comp (map test-conduit args))
:a-nth (apply a-nth (map test-conduit args))
:a-par (apply a-par (map test-conduit args))
:a-all (apply a-all (map test-conduit args))
:a-select (apply a-select (mapcat (fn [[k v]]
[k (test-conduit v)])
:a-loop (let [[bp iv fb] args]
(if fb
(a-loop (test-conduit bp)
(test-conduit fb))
(a-loop (test-conduit bp)
:a-catch (apply a-catch (first args)
(map test-conduit (rest args)))
:a-finally (apply a-finally (map test-conduit args))
:a-filter p
:disperse (disperse (test-conduit args)))))
(defn test-conduit-fn [p]
(fn [x]
((second (p x)) identity)))
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