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@jdunkerley jdunkerley released this Aug 7, 2017 · 81 commits to master since this release

  • Bug: Use relative paths in test scripts
  • Bug: Correction to documentation for Month
  • Bug: Improved documentation for installation
  • Bug: Correction to documentation for Avg

New functions:

  • Added DateFromDMY and DateFromMDY functions
  • New ReportError function allowing return of error messages
  • Added Version function to get Engine version as a number
  • Added ToRoman and FromRoman functions for conversion to and from Roman numerals (with thanks to Ken Black for the idea)
  • Optional parameters in MakeDate (month, day), MakeTime (minute, second) and MakeDateTime (all) (with thanks to Sean Adams for the idea)
  • Added TInv and TDist functions for computing 2 tail Student T distribution values (with thanks to Meta
  • Added ChiInv and ChiDist functions for computing values from the Chi Square distribution
  • Windows 7 Batch file installers

Other changes:

  • New CreateRelease script
  • Overhaul of the Install scripts
  • Enhanced Unit Test workflow with support for Non-Happy Path tests
  • Overhaul of the C++ code Please note static functions changed, but Alteryx functions unchanged
  • Retire the JDFormulaAddIn file name, replace with AlteryxAbacus.dll
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