Release Notes

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Version 1.4 (Planned - For December 2018)

  • Added Hour function

  • Added Minute function

  • Added Second function

  • Added Century function

  • Added Phi function to return Golden Ratio

  • Added RandomString function (to document)

  • Added RandomItem function (to document)

  • Added RandomIPAddress function (to document)

  • Added Log function (to document)

  • Added VarNum function (to document)

  • Added VarNumExists function (to document)

  • Added VarText function (to document)

  • Added VarTextExists function (to document)

  • Added VarReset function (to document)

  • Added VarList function (to document)

  • ToDo: Add DIV and SIGN functions (to join the MODULO function)

  • ToDo: Add FindStringLast function finding last index of a target

  • ToDo: DatePart function like SQL (with thanks to Sean Adams for the idea): In progress

  • ToDo: Create AddWeekDays function

  • ToDo: Add TimeFromAMPM function: Undecided

  • ToDo: Add char shift function (based on John Schneider's work)

Version 1.3 (7 Aug 2017)

  • Bug: Use relative paths in test scripts
  • Bug: Correction to documentation for Month
  • Bug: Improved documentation for installation
  • Bug: Correction to documentation for Avg

New functions:

  • Added DateFromDMY and DateFromMDY functions
  • New ReportError function allowing return of error messages
  • Added Version function to get Engine version as a number
  • Added ToRoman and FromRoman functions for converstion to and from Roman numerals (with thanks to Ken Black for the idea)
  • Optional parameters in MakeDate (month, day), MakeTime (minute, second) and MakeDateTime (all) (with thanks to Sean Adams for the idea)
  • Added TInv and TDist functions for computing 2 tail Student T distribution values
  • Added ChiInv and ChiDist functions for computing values from the Chi Square distribution

Other changes:

  • New Windows 7 batch file installer and uninstaller
  • New CreateRelease script
  • Overhaul of the Install scripts
  • Enhanced Unit Test workflow with support for Non-Happy Path tests
  • Overhaul of the C++ code Please note static functions changed, but Alteryx functions unchanged
  • Retire the JDFormulaAddIn file name, repalce with AlteryxAbacus.dll

Version 1.2 (25 Jan 2017)

Alteryx Abacus with Normal and LogNormal distributions, based off the Boost C++ library

  • Added Deg and Rad functions (degrees and radians)
  • Added NormDist function
  • Added NormInv function
  • Added LogNormDist and LogNormInv functions

Version 1.1.1 (10 Aug 2016)

Bug Fix Release

  • Added Uninstall Script
  • Add FirstAddIn.xml from Blog
  • Change to Static Linking for C++

Version 1.1 (14 May 2016)

Full set of unit tests for all the functions. Wiki now contains a function reference for all the functions.

  • Moved HexBin functions in C++
  • Added Split function in C++
  • Added Weekday function
  • Added MakeTime and MakeDateTime functions
  • Added ToDate, ToTime and ToDateTime functions
  • Added C++ based functions AVG, COUNT, SUM
  • Improved Install.bat to pick up all xml and dll files
  • RightPart returns whole string if separator not found
  • Bug: LEFTPART and RIGHTPART missing bracket
  • Bug: RIGHTPART return whole string if delimiter not found
  • Bug: MODULO deal with NULL or 0 for divisor

Version 1.0 (13 Apr 2016)

First C++ based function and fixed install script

  • Added WeekStart and WeekEnd functions
  • Added IsLeapYear function
  • Added OrdinalDay function
  • Added RunUnitTests workflow for testing functions
  • Added Rand_Triangular function (based off question in Alteryx community)
  • Added IfNull function
  • Added LeftPart and RightPart string splitting functions
  • Added first C++ function - Coallesce
  • Bug: Fixed install script based on issues found when trying to install on another PC
  • Disabled StartsWith, EndsWith, Contains functions as built into version 10

Version 0.1 (3 Jan 2016)

Functional Xml-based Formula Add In

  • String functions StartsWith, EndsWith and Contains
  • HexBin functions reproducing Tableau's: HexBinX, HexBinY
  • General Modulo function
  • Various basic date functions:
    • Day, Month and Year
    • MonthStart and MonthEnd
    • QuarterStart and QuarterEnd
    • YearStart and YearEnd
  • Experimental Business Days Function
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