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Electron To Dos App

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An experiment in creating an Electron app in TypeScript to be a ToDos app!

Developer Set Up

In order to build the code you need to have:

  • node - tested against v7.10.0 but shouldn't be overly sensitive
  • yarn

To build and run the code:

yarn install
yarn run start

Included within the repository are the configuration to work within Visual Studio Code. You should be able to build and run within the editor. The following extensions are recommended:

  • TSLint (adds real time linting of TypeScript)
  • JavaScript Standard Style (adds eal time linting via StandardJS)
  • Debugger for Chrome (allows debugging of the renderer process)
  • yarn (allows running of yarn commands within the Command Palette)

Code Structure

This is a pretty opinionated way of laying out an Electron application.

The main process entry point is src/host/main.ts. Each sepearte page is represented by a tsx file in src/gui