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LCD Exercises

This is code for a set of exercises (coming soon) at RockingDLabs that demonstrate using the SparkFun Color LCD Breakout board with an Arduino UNO.

See the LICENSE file for copyright and license information.


gLCD_test Sketch to test device settings for for gLCD and align the display.

LED_Blink Sketch to verify LED connections.

SwitchTest Sketch to verify switch connections.

LCD_Exercises.fzz Breadboard and schematic diagrams. View or edit with Fritizing from


###Option 1: Source only

  • Download a ZIP file. The ZIP button at GitHub will always get the latest version, but you may prefer one of the tagged versions.

  • Unpack the zip file into your sketchbook directory (~/sketchbook/ on Linux).

  • Start the Arduino IDE and you should find LCD_Exercises-<version> in the Open menu.

###Option 2: Git (Recommended) Follow this GitHub repository and use git to track your own changes by cloning:

$ cd ~/sketchbook/
$ git clone
  • Start the Arduino IDE and you should find LCD_Exercises in the Open menu.