Script to display linux system information on LCD
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Original author Dirk Brenken (

Modified by Justin Duplessis (


This is a developer version, at the time of writing it was only tested on a TS-439 and TS-509 PRO. Even though I use it in my productive environment, I strongly recommend that you only use it for further testing and debugging. This script is only for QNAP-devices which running debian (possibly ubuntu)(stock QNAP firmware currently not supported!).


This script does (should do ;-) the following:

  • read input for LCD status messages from a separate helper script (see sample function library)
  • display status messages on LCD panel
  • auto-cycling through status messages
  • non-blocking manual navigation via LCD frontpanel buttons between messages
  • fully configurable input-, message-,display- cycles & timeouts


  • QNAP device with LCD display & debian (possibly ubuntu)
  • required debian packages (apt-get install): ksh
  • optional debian packages (if you would like to use the distributed function library sample): hddtemp


  • Make this script executable (chmod 755).
  • Adjust path & timeout parameters to your needs (see comments for all configurable options below)
  • Rename & adjust distributed sample function library script to your needs
  • Start this script ...


version 0.1: initial test release

version 0.2: fix trap/exit issues

version 0.3: fixed data refresh when lcd is off


  • add back mdadm support alongside zfs
  • run moar tests!