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Commits on Nov 26, 2011
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch fix version and prepare gitignore for test and travis-ci support 1b325ce
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add the travis config file ceb5832
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add Gemfile 8b53a34
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch cleanup gemspec
removed VERSION
fixed Rakefile
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch fix spec_helper 9d41219
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch spree_editor is not a dependency. 04df702
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch adding better readme de285d2
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch specs are green edda106
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch remove old readme 00076cb
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch finishing the 0.70 part. The 0.80.X part will be having some more ext…
…ensive testing.
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #26 from spree/test-and-travis-ci-support
Test and travis ci support
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch update Versionfile to point to the correct hash 702ff0b
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch fix typo in git repository path documentation. 5b0ec8e
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch now I really fixed the mistake with the git repo :) 282e61e
Commits on Dec 12, 2011
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Namespace Updates 0627983
@LBRapid LBRapid Fixes Versionfile fec35c3
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
@LBRapid LBRapid Updated Readme so install corrections are correct for 0.70.x 70c5117
@LBRapid LBRapid Extra line in there. My bad 9f40261
@LBRapid LBRapid Updated to run on Travis-CI 078e866
@LBRapid LBRapid Added Travis Build Status to README e5152f3
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
@LBRapid LBRapid Report travis build status to IRC 08abf60
Commits on Jan 08, 2012
@jsqu99 jsqu99 fix self.down in migration 863c5be
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
@buddhi-desilva buddhi-desilva Rails 3.1 Compatibility
If the asset pipeline is enabled and it looks for none existent files
and fail. Fix for Rails >= 3.1 and
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #29 from buddhi-desilva/master
Compatibility: Rails 3.1 asset pipeline
Commits on Jan 20, 2012
@buddhi-desilva buddhi-desilva Fix: Controller location
Rails looks for a controller within admin instead of spree.
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #30 from buddhi-desilva/512ff8fb089fa0e18ab7171b20…

Fix: controller location
@LBRapid LBRapid (Hopefully) Fixes Travis Build b853a62
Commits on Feb 15, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch make custom layouts enabled again. fixes #33 3834bd4
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add some better backend html.
render the form different
render the correct meta title.
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch replace the new template as well. 6d8a24a
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch fix copy/paste typo 449ae83
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch render the meta keywords and description as well. 46978ea
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add and remove some spacing. 4e9e2c3
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add overrides that adds a static page menu in the footer, header and …
…sidebar when the page has that option checked.
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add a current class when the slug matches the fullpath (minus the ext…
…ra / from fullpath)
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch use prepend instead of append to make sure we can override spree pages. c3d3c4f
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch revert some, since the prepend was breaking all other dynamic pages. 323ff25
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
@joeyjoejoejr joeyjoejoejr prepended the routes and added conditional restraints. Also added san…
…itation in the controller to get rid of any double slashed
@joeyjoejoejr joeyjoejoejr Revert a couple of commits. Need second constraint for the root path …
…and cleaning up some temp files
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #35 from joeyjoejoejr/master
I fixed the spree 1.0.x routing problem without Rack Middleware
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch beter versioning with the gemspec. a6590fb
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch update version file to use the 1-0-stable branch for Spree 1.0.x ba4ec1c
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch update version file to use the 1-0-stable branch for Spree 1.0.x 90bf609
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch master is in line with spree master 1.1.0.beta b730075
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch also test 1-0-stable 5f2f630
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch specify the correct version for master 0c56070
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch specify the correct version for master 0dba936
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch we don't use formtastic anymore 2e6dbc9
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch we don't use formtastic anymore d2c8a80
Michael Klishin Update Gemfile to exclude ruby-debug installation on b1759d7
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #37 from michaelklishin/patch-1
Update Gemfile to exclude ruby-debug installation on
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch use the rubygems and do a ruby-debug exclude. b256bfa
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add this branch to travis
use correct travis build badge
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch don't use the spree git as a gem 5c1e22d
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch not needed to do a gem install bundler 0c14ba5
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch use the correct spree gem versions in gemspec 2877b98
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch add bundler install --pre to travis before_install hook
also : mail me please :).
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch also install a bundler --pre here. 3cc7a93
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch iMerge branch '1-0-stable'
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch this needs to be different of course. 998a0e7
@LBRapid LBRapid No longer testing ree dbd57c5
Commits on Mar 04, 2012
@pex pex Removed manual I18n calls from views to activate automatically scoped…
… translations
@pex pex Added german translation 955dcc4
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch handle mount points other then '/'
Signed-off-by: Peter Berkenbosch <>
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch fix copy/paste error rendering meta description correctly now. 82111fa
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #39 from pex/master
Fixed Translations
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch make sure we render the title by default if the meta_title is not pre…

Signed-off-by: Peter Berkenbosch <>
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch fix issue with the double slash on determine the current class on links


Signed-off-by: Peter Berkenbosch <>
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch merging some cherry picks from 1-0-stable.
not to self.. need a better way to manage this..

Signed-off-by: Peter Berkenbosch <>
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch moved gsub before the remove mount point conditional to account for //
Signed-off-by: Peter Berkenbosch <>
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch modified caching so expires correctly
Signed-off-by: Peter Berkenbosch <>
Commits on Apr 05, 2012
@ethier ethier Add attr_accessible to page.rb 8a57e4f
Commits on Apr 06, 2012
@peterberkenbosch peterberkenbosch Merge pull request #48 from ethier/master
Add attr_accessible to page.rb
@radar radar Use a 1.8.7 compatible version of factory girl 950344c