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Mongo + AWS via Ansible

This example is explained in the following post. Give it a read, feel free to copy this code and modify to your hearts content, just do us a favor and give us a little internet love. Make sure you read all of this before you get started.

To make this example work, create the file vars/credentials.yml and drop your aws credentials in.


access_key_id: <insert here>
secret_access_key: <insert here>

Next create another file in the root called vault-password.txt and dump a decently strong password on the first line of the file. Next, from the root directory run the following command:

ansible-vault encrypt vars/credentials.yml --vault-password-file=vault-password.txt

Note: Never, ever, ever, ever check an unencrypted credentials file into any repository. I am not responsible for your AWS bill if you choose to do this.

Finally, create a key pair in AWS for the new boxes and drop it into the keys directory. Modify the config.yml to reflect your key names:

# SSH configuration
ec2_ssh_user: ec2-user
ssh_key_name: <your key name>
ssh_key_path: keys/<your key name>.pem

# Miscellaneous
application: MongoExample

# global variables
mongo_subnets_to_azs: []

Remember to chmod 400 your key file or ansible will fail to connect to the boxes you spin up.

To install a test mongo set into a new VPC in the us-east-1 region run the following command:

./install-mongo-in us-east-1 development

Feel free to tweak the mongodb_us-east-1_default_install.yml to your hearts content to modify the deployment.