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Takes in a text message cache in xml form, such as those created by apps such as SMSBackup and displays the text in a nicer way than the plain xml format
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To use this application: You must have a SMS store as created by an app such as SMSBackup in XML format. Once you have run SMS backup on your mobile device, and you have transferred the file to your computer, do the following: 1. Click 'Choose SMS file' 2. Navigate to the file on you computer and click 'Open' The application will now display a list of all of the contacts that have been found within the SMS store. To view messages between you and another user, click on that specific user's name. Once you have done this, the messages that had been sent between the two of you will be displayed on the right side of the application window. You can scroll through the messages freely. If you want to open another SMS file, there is no need to close and re-open the application. Clicking on the 'Choose SMS file' button and opening a new SMS file suffices.

To search for occurrences of a word (or more accurately a string of text) in any of the messages, use the search bar located at the top of the interface. Simply type the phrase you are looking to match and click 'Search' (or hit the enter key). The messages that contain matches to the words will then be displayed. If you click the message, you will be taken to the specific conversation that the message was taken from and the application will automatically scroll to the spot that contains the searched message.


This program is only verified to work with the XML files output by the following Android applications: * SMS Backup & Restore * Super Backup

When searching for terms, it appears that you must click on the name to redirect to the conversation that the searched message came from. Further, searching can take a long amount of time if a very common phrase (such as a single letter) is searched or if the conversation that you are being redirected to contains many messages.

Also, the application doesn't currently display GroupChats correctly.

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