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Imports data from .csv into Sketch using "{}" text sections. Also supports image imports.
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Sketch CSV Mail Merge

A lightweight Sketch plugin for importing data from .csv files using "{}" text sections. Also supports image imports



  1. Download and unzip the .zip file
  2. Double click the .sketchplugin file


(NOTE: I highly recommend you save a backup of your sketch file before you run the plugin. This hasn't been tested extensively and I have no idea if it'll destroy your precious project. Works like a charm for me though ;P)

  1. Download a .csv file with your data. Make sure it includes a header row with field names.
  2. Create a sketch file
  • Wherever you want to substitute in data make a text layer like {field}.
  • When the plugin is run it will match the text area named {field} with a value from the "field" column in the .csv
  1. In Sketch, click Plugins -> CSV Mail Merge
  2. Click your .csv file
  3. Voila! Done


You can also import images with almost no changes. Just make sure the data in your .csv for your image fields contains a full path to the image on your hard drive, i.e. /Users/you/projects/an-image.png.

Right now only .png and .jpg images are supported.



$ yarn install


$ yarn watch


$ skpm -f log

To Do

  • Make it work with groups - right now it only works w/ a flat hierarchy.
  • Clean up the code. It's short, but it could look better.

This plugin was created using skpm. For a detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the skpm Readme.

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