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This project hosts the code for the book [Pro Web 2.0 Application Development with GWT]( by Jeff Dwyer.

An interview about the book and sample chapter on SEO with GWT is available [on InfoQ](

Also there's an interview about the book and the []( project at [](

The goal of this book was to end up with more than just trivial examples. Instead, I really tried to write the book that I would've wanted to read when I started with GWT. For me, figuring out the GWT basics was simple and pretty intuitive, so this book doesn't focus very much on the basic UI elements. The tricky bits were understanding how to make GWT fit nicely into the Java ecosystem. Getting it integrated with Maven, Jetty, Spring Security, Hibernate, Sitemesh, best practices for RPC etc.

With that in mind I've built a full-sized web site called []( ). This is a real site that focuses on helping students with their applications to college. It has a heavy focus on being Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly but still having rich AJAX functionality. The source code for the book is right here. You're welcome to checkout the release 0.1.0 tag which contains the code as of the date of publication, or to checkout the trunk to get the latest GWT 1.5 rc1 code. Either way, there's about 15,000 lines of source for you to explore, covering everything from Google Gears to OpenID.

The book is essentially a walkthrough of this codebase. It explains how to get the site up and running on your localhost and goes into how the site is built. I hope you enjoy & please avail yourself of the [google group]( if you have any questions.

The wiki on the google code site( still has some good information, but please don't use the Google Code SVN repo it is no longer updated.


-Jeff Dwyer