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Elasticsearch Windows Service Installer
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Updated for ES v.1 to use service.bat

The windows forms setup tool is for configuring environmental variables, creating log directories, setting permissions, opening firewall ports and Install|Starting|Stop|Uninstall|Manage the windows service via the .bat file that comes with the latest version. 

.net Framework 4

Install process
1.  Download the desired version from and Extract elasticsearch into a directory on your system. 
2.  Take the SetupInstall\bin\Release\SetupInstall.msi from the output install it.
3.  Start > All Programs > Elasticsearch Settings > Elasticsearch Settings (Shift + Right click and run as administrator … Note this is important for it to work)

From there you can: 

Settings tab: 
*** The first thing to do is set the ES_HOME variable if not already set. Its required for the service tab to work.  
Set your environment variables JAVA_HOME, ES_HOME, ES_MIN_MEM, ES_MAX_MEM  (These work for the .bat as well)
Save your variables (You should get an alert when they save) … This will give permissions to “NETWORK SERVICE” on ES_HOME. 

Config tab:
Use the load config button to load the config and edit it. Under the Yaml tab you can check the settings in an abbreviated format.

Firewall tab:
You can optionally open firewall ports 54328 UDP, and TCP HTTP 9200-9300 and Transport 9300-9400 from the “Open Firewall Ports” button. If you would like to lock down the ports to only specific remote ip addresses or subnets then enter the ip's in the box to the left.

Service tab:
From here you can Install|Starting|Stop|Uninstall|Manage the windows service. 

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