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Modern plugin framework for TeamSpeak 3 servers – in Java.
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JeakBot TeamSpeak 3 Plugin Framework

TS3 Servers on the next level!

The JeakBot-Framework connects to the TeamSpeak server using the TS3 server query interface.
Java plugins can use the API to interact with the TeamSpeak server using the JeakBot-API.
Plugins can be programmed in a way that developers may be familiar from the Sponge plugin API for Minecraft as the projects idea is inspired by Sponge.


Type/Name Badge URL
License ShieldsIO bleeding-1.X.X/LICENSE
Language ShieldsIO
Latest (stable) ShieldsIO /releases
Latest (bleeding) ShieldsIO /releases
CI (1.X.X-stable) buddy pipeline View on Buddy
CI (1.X.X-bleeding) buddy pipeline View on Buddy
Automated Code Rev CodeFactor View on CodeFactor
Security (Snyk) Known Vulnerabilities [1]
Security (WhiteSrc) See "Security" tab /network/alerts
OS-Support ShieldsIO
Status ShieldsIO
Discord ShieldsIO Discord Invite

[1]: CVE-2018-10237 has been ignored as we do not use Guava for data deserialization. The vulnerability is introduced by org.reflections which we use for classpath scanning. (The attack vector is over the network where Reflections and thus Guava is not used.) The reflections update for this CVE seems to be incompatible at the moment and needs to be investigated at some point.

Note: Although we ignore vulnerabilities that do not apply to our distribution environment, we will apply patches when possible just to adress concerns and deviated environments.



If you want to engage with the developers/community, feel free to join us:

For details about the issue section of the GitLab project. See

Help the project

If you want to help the project without directly contributing on GitHub, you can donate.
Every donor who donated at least 5 € in the past 12 months will be granted the Donor role on our Discord. So make sure to include your Discord name in your donation message :).


Special thanks! / Credit

We would like to thank the companies and projects that help us develop, maintain, document, deploy and distribute the project.
They are really making work easier for us! :)
(Our distribution archives also include information of the libraries in use.)

CI / CD: Buddy - Build better apps faster.

Buddy allows us to use their Open Source project plan for both the framework and the Confort library.
Their unique way of CI/CD configuration eliminates the need of unclear and verbose config files and we love the editor-approach.
See for more!
Buddy.Works logo.

Docs: ReadMe.IO

ReadMe.IO granted us their OSS project plan to enable us using nearly every feature of their documentation platform for free!
If you love documentation as much as we do, take a look over at:
ReadMeIO Logo

Nexus: Sonatype

With Nexus 3 OSS, Sonatype allows us to easily maintain repositories of different types for FearNixx and Jeak which greatly improves our ability to develop and organize software.
See for more information.

Repositories: GitHub & GitLab

We're sure most of you know both platforms but we wanted to explicitly state our thanks to both platforms for allowing us to collaborate, organize and plan more than just software development! :)
While the framework is located on GitHub, plugins by FearNixx are hosted over at GitLab.

IDE: JetBrains

We use and love IntelliJ IDEA for development.
We want to thank JetBrains for making the community version free to use and allowing some of us to use educational licenses for our free projects! :)

Git: GitKraken

Some of us use GitKraken to interact with and manage Git.
GitKraken allows free use for open source projects and we thank them for that. :)

Server administration: Pterodactyl

On our servers, we utilize the free application server management software Pterodactyl.
Managing our test systems and environments would be way harder without it!

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