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URL Options

Client specific options can be set by adding query parameters to the server's url. One must prepend the url with a question mark (?) followed by parameter=value pairs separated with ampersands (&).

Option Value Default Description
 hdpi 1 / 0 0 enable high resolution canvas 
 forceHdpi number 0 force canvas scaling (ignore hdpi
doubletab number 375 sets the double tap/click time thershold in milliseconds
zoom number 1 sets the initial zoom
framerate number 60 limit canvas drawing framerate
lang string system_default use a different language than the default if available (available languages: en, fr, ru)



!!! note "" When using the built-in client, url options can be set through the --url-options switch.

Example: `open-stage-control --url-options zoom=2 doubletap=200`