@jean-emmanuel jean-emmanuel released this Dec 13, 2016 · 93 commits to master since this release


  • main
    • new -b / --blank option to start editing a new session directly
    • new --disable-vsync option that improves performance (reduce input lag) on some systems
    • some inconsistent parameter combinations are now prevented
    • firefox compatibility improved (yet not perfect)
    • launcher window is no longer of the splash type, as it was difficult to close with some window managers
  • widgets
    • new modal container : a button that turns into a fullscreen panel when clicked.
    • sliders/xy: add spring option that makes that widget jump back to its initial value when released
    • fader: horizontal mode default height fixed
    • keyboard: black keys pressed state is more noticeable
    • matrices: added start option to choose the first subwidget's id
    • labels' height reduced
  • editor
    • new snap-to-grid feature
    • widgets' min-width set to grid's width
  • misc
    • building with node 4 is fixed