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@jean-emmanuel jean-emmanuel released this 09 Nov 09:34


  • bug fixes

    • scripting: prevent some functions to be marked as undefined
    • advanced syntaxes: ignores quotes around file path in IMPORT{}
  • launcher

    • add Start minimized menu option
  • misc

    • change noFocus client option behavior: the defalt client window now doesn't take the focus at all, even when a text input is clicked.
    • colorize debug messages for sent and received osc/midi messages
  • scripting

    • add setFocusable() function to change the focusability of the window on the fly (allows reenabling focus temporarely to interact with a text widget using a dedicated toggle button for example)
    • add reload() function
    • expose Navigator object with getNavigator()
  • widgets

    • fragment: add fallback property