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Minimal Docker image with Apache Tomcat
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Minimal Docker image with Apache Tomcat Build Status

Basic Docker image to run Apache Tomcat. This is based on Alpine Linux to keep the size minimal.

  • Tomcat is installed in /opt/tomcat.
  • It listens on port 8080.
  • A user admin is configured, with access to the manager and host-manager apps. You should remove it, or at least change its password, if you want to use this image in production.
  • Documentation and examples have been removed.


  • tomcat9-java8 or 9 or latest: Tomcat 9 on Oracle Java 8
  • tomcat8-java8 or 8 or 8.5: Tomcat 8.5 on Oracle Java 8
  • tomcat7-java8 or 7: Tomcat 7 on Oracle Java 8

Tomcat 6 and 8.0 are no longer supported, so the corresponding tags should no longer be used.

Please note that Java 7 is unsupported by Oracle, as of April 2015, so the following tags use Java version 7u80, which has know security issues, and should not be used on a publicly accessible website:

  • tomcat8-java7: Tomcat 8 on Oracle Java 7
  • tomcat7-java7: Tomcat 7 on Oracle Java 7

Additionally, tags are created for each tomcat release (e.g. 8.0.24 or 8.0.24-java8).

Note that the 7 tag used to reference tomcat7-java7. It now references tomcat7-java8 due to the end of support for java 7.



docker run -d -p 8080:8080 jeanblanchard/tomcat:9
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