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Tracking Temperature with Intel Edison and Grove Sensors

Learn how to use a simulated temperature sensor connected to a Node-RED application in IBM Bluemix, send tweet and Twilio text messages when high temperatures occur, and store temperature events in a Cloudant NoSQL database.

Learn how to install Node-RED on an Intel Edison board, use a Grove temperature sensor to get a real temperature reading, display the temperature on a Grove LCD screen, trigger an LED light when high temperature is read, and connect the application to the Watson Internet of Things Platform service.

Getting Started

Download and follow the lab found in lab-temperature-sensor-with-intel-edison.pdf.

Code Snippets

JSON code of Node-RED flows created in this lab is provided for your convenience in the following files:

  • 1-twitter-flow.json Node-RED flow to send a tweet via an authenticated Twitter account.
  • 2-twilio-flow.json Node-RED flow to send a text message via the Twilio service.
  • 3-temperature-flow.json Node-RED flow to read a value from the Grove Temperature sensor connected to an Intel Edison and display it on an LCD screen.
  • 4-led-flow.json Node-RED flow to turn on a Grove LED light if the temperature reaches a specified threshold.
  • 5-weather-flow.json Node-RED flow to retrieve weather conditions from the Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix service and display it on the Grove LCD screen connected to the Intel Edison.
  • 6-iot-flow.json Node-RED flow to send temperature from Grove Temperature sensor connected to Intel Edison to the Watson Internet of Things Platform.
  • 7-save-temp-flow.json Node-RED flow to store temperature sensor data in a cloud-based Cloudant NoSQL database.
  • 8-retrieve-temps-flow.json Node-RED flow to retrieve historical temperature sensor data for use in analytical tools.


This code is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.