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Custom Nodes in Node-RED

Learn how to use IBM Bluemix DevOps services to deploy a Node-RED application, write your own custom sort node, install a community-contributed node, use the global context to store a list of names, and create a registration application that displays the attendee roster in a sorted PDF list.

Getting Started

Download and follow the lab found in node-red-custom-nodes.pdf. Each section of the lab works through the components necessary for the example application created in the last section of this lab. The JSON for the completed flow can be found in the file 9-complete-flow.js.

Code Snippets

HTML and JSON code used in this Node-RED tutorial is provided for your convenience in the following files:

Deploy Completed Application

For your convenience, the completed application that this lab walks through creating can be deployed to your IBM Bluemix account by clicking on the Deploy to Bluemix button below.

Deploy to Bluemix


This code is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.