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Website for Jean Flanagan

Jean is a science education specialist and writer. This site is a collaborative project by Jean Flanagan and Oliver Pattison. Starting with Jean’s content and goals, we sketched and mapped out a shape for the site. Then Oliver took the lead on design implementation.

The content of this site (in the _posts and _photos directories) is licensed under CC BY-NC (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License). There is an exception for articles (or snippets linking to articles) that were originally published elsewhere are subject to the copyright specified by those media. All content is authored by Jean Flanagan.

The design is licensed copyright Oliver Pattison.


  • Professional home page and archive for Jean
  • Static HTML site built using Jekyll, version-controlled with Git
  • Responsive, high performance design
  • Minimalism in design and implementation
  • Optimized for readability at various screen sizes

Implementation Details


The entire site was designed intentionally around real written content and no ipsums or fillers. A minimalist approach influenced the initial design of the site, focusing on content before style or presentation.

Screens are important, but “mobile” and “tablet” devices aren’t as much. The site’s content and responsive features are shaped with smaller screens in mind first, but no particular device types are assumed at any given viewport width. Features were developed with touch and mobile capabilities in mind, but not with the feature-sets or shapes of today’s devices specifically.

  • Redesigned 2016-10-03
  • Launched 2014-02-08
  • Development started 2013-06-17
  • Initial concept and first sketches 2013-05-27


Content-first personal website for Jean Flanagan. Built with Jekyll.



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