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#Ecosystem Change log

###0.6.11 Release: 17/03/2021

Fix: fixed 2021 support

###0.6.10 Release: 17/03/2021

Update: made unity version tag optional ( can be toggled in settings menu)

###0.6.9 Release: 15/03/2021

Update: removed obsolete code, moved to Unity 2018

Fix: fixed 2020 support

###0.6.8 Release: 20/04/2020

Fix: Added 2020 support

###0.6.7 Release: 03/04/2020

Fix: Fixed 2019 WWW url weird bug where it doesn't keep the original url passed

###0.6.6 Release: 20/05/2019

Update: Removed some updateable api to prevent mess in 2019 and up when api updater doesn't perform

###0.6.5 Release: 30/04/2019

Update: Support for Unity 2019

###0.6.4 Release: 23/01/2019

Fixed: moved JSON into namespace Net.FabreJean.UnityEditor to avoid conflict with other publishers using JSON too.

###0.6.3 Release: 8/11/2018

Update: Remove WWW obsolete warnings on 2018.3 and newer

###0.6.2 Release: 18/10/2018

New: authoring tool updated for latest unity and playmaker versions and 2018 github rep

###0.6.1 Release: 28/03/2018

New: Support for Unity 2018

###0.6 Release: 26/02/2018

New: Added new function to be able to auto search from another script. New: New Scripting define symbols for ECOSYSTEM and ECOSYSTEM_0_6.

Change: string searchString = ""; TO static string searchString = ""; (to be able to access from another scrips).
Change: private List searchFilters; TO private static List searchFilters; (to be able to access from another scrips)

Update: Scripting define symbols routine to mount and unmount updated ( taken from Playmaker Editor Utils)

###0.5.3 Release: 03/08/2017

Fix: Addon menu item properly indexed to not end up first.

###0.5.2 Release: 01/08/2017

New: Added verification protocol to accept server's certificates, trying to resolve empty return from queries

###0.5.1 Release: 24/07/2017

Update: Fixed Support for Unity 2017.0 and 2017.1

Fix: Fixed bad compile flag for obsolete .title property of EditorWindow

###0.5 Release: 24/07/2017

Known Issue: Unity 2017.0 and 2017.1 have the www class redirect url broken, so the Ecosystem browser doesn't work on these two versions. Implemented defines check to warn and prevent using the Browser in these versions

Update: Compatibility with Unity 2017, Unity 2017 WWW Class broke the .url parameter by changing it to reflect redirections, so the url set when creating the WWW Class is not necessary the one when done.
So now a new unique local Id for each browser requests is maintained on the client side, passed to the server which will pass it on to the redirection url, when a www instance is done, it's the uid parameter that is used to reference the content and not the url.

New: EcosystemUtils url query parameters methods to add and get parameters

###0.4.9 alpha Removed: support removed, snipt got deprecated, service is unavailable

###0.4.8 alpha Improvement: new overlay UI technic for mouse overing while letting list width adjust properly

Fix: UI switch for project scanner integration is improved
Fix: Unity 4.7 compatibility
Fix: First search error in table listing

###0.4.7 alpha Fix: Fixed MarkDown Custom Inspector on Unity 5
Fix: Fixed Unity 4.7 Compatibility

New: WebImageManager to help caching online images (for asset thumbnails, etc ) Implemented in Ecosystem browser project scanner listing

###0.4.6 alpha
New: ScriptingSymbol setup to enable/disable beta features from the settings menu.
New: ProjectScanner now automatically fired when starting Ecosystem
New: Integration of Project scanner results and selection in the search
New: Simple UI changes to validate internal process

###0.4.5 ReleaseDate: 16/09/2015

Fix: utils for getting relative asset path from absolute path, would not work on some projects paths
Fix: loading of meta data in LoadItemMetaData() to take in account package text file definition

New: pingMenu meta data for assets so that clicking on an item in the ecosystem list, will launch a menu
New: copy paste search field

###0.4.4 ReleaseDate: 09/09/2015

Fix: MarkDown api compatibility with Unity 5.2

change: Menu to access the ecosystem browser is now PlayMaker/Addons/Ecosystem/Ecosystem Browser

New: VersionInfo now takes into account potential appendix to a version like uTomate 1.5.0 LE edition
New: Project Scanner tool, early version, used for bug reporting mainly. define PLAYMAKER_ECOSYSTEM_BETA in PLayer settings 'scripting define symbols' to enable the feature
New: Ecosystem Icon on EditorWindow tab for Unity 5.x version
New: Update button on installed assets, for easier process ( rather than "delete", then "get").

Improvement: Updated api to avoid Unity 5 updater process for Resources.LoadAssetAtPath toAssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath

Note: Authoring and publishing features in development but ignored for now, so many utils and tools not in used yet for this release

Improvement: Support for flexible dependancies injection with plain urls. The url, if not a unityPackage should have a assetFilePath query parameter defining the file path within the Project (i.e Assets/xxx/y.cs), unescaped. if not defined,

###0.4.2 New: Snipt online repository initiative for simple scripts and easier publishing for contributors

Improvement: Renamed "github" UI button "Preview" to be agnostic to the source itself.
Improvement: Disclaimer page now features github and snipt links to inform people where content is pooled from

Fix: Server side: Unity version tag for items, now content from Unity 5 online rep are tagged "Unity 5" properly


New: Added "Github" button to open an item on Github. Very handy to reference and access content source. Fix: Support for Unity 5 context. Warning some content will be obsolete nonnettes, especially physics based samples

###0.4.0 Note: Breaking Build. The "net.fabrejean" or the "jf_plugins" folder MUST be deleted first

New: MetaData download for documentation
New: Youtube Link in Documentation when defined in metaData
New: Youtube link on the disclaimer page
New: Soft Integration of PlayMaker version check, to not throw error if PlayMaker not installed
New: Visual feedback if PlayMaker is not installed, with button to open the asset store
New: Version Type to match Unity and PlayMaker version info.
New: Interactive versioning with Build being representative of the number of compilation.
This is based on InControl by Patrick Hogan
New: ChangeLog based on MarkDown. Ain't that funky, hyperlinks in regular Unity GUI!!! never seen that before :)
New: Documentation of items using a png image, using PlayMaker documentation tool for actions and up to the discretion of publishers for other content
( like screenshot of the component inspector, or even the game view or anything)
Dark and Light skin of Unity are supported with explicit path convention,
so the file path for doc images must be respected or it will not be found.
New: IsDebugOn static public bool for surrounding classes to follow debug convention
New: UI Update prompter and menus, currently only redirecting to the wiki page.

Fix: Fixed Editor Prefs, and improve prefs handling
Fix: Fixed search errors and interface being locked when error is shown in interface.
Fix: Fixed Server side search filtering when no filter is selected
Fix: Fixed Guiskin for better alignment

Improvement: Improved code base, make use of namespace to avoid potential conflict
Improvement: started moving item based code into its own class to free up the browser class itself, make sense and will scale better
Improvement: Dedicated Trello board to keep track of this overwhelming project :)
Improvement: code is now using a repository for security
Improvement: remove discrete bar glitch when recompiling
Improvement: MarkDownGUI allow for custom guiskin and style
Improvement: Ecosystem disclaimer uses MarkDown now
Improvement: made the license text in small to gain space

###0.3.0 New: Package Item

###0.2.0 New: Template and Sample
New: Filtering of items

Improvement: custom search bar, to match the UI skin
Improvement: better handling of debug logs with a proper settings to turn it on and off

###0.1.0 Note: Initial Public Release