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Funtoo ARM Chroot for the HP TouchPad
This package will install Funtoo ARM to a chroot ext3fs,
just like ArchLinux Chroot, that is just like the Ubuntu 11.04
chroot. In fact, this is going to be basically a copy-paste of
a copy-paste operation, so take a look at and and
search around the internets.
Building the IPK
- Move org.funtoo.funtoo-chroot into a folder, usr/palm/applications/
- this is the IPK's "data"
- My IPK is available for download if needed... But it comes with no guarantee.
The simplest way is to use WebOsQuickInstall.
After the installation, open a console on the Touchpad (or use Novaterm) and run
It will get the stage3 and extract it.
Then, if you want to start the chroot from within Xecutah, edit
and add 'org.funtoo.funtoo-chroot' in this.supportedApps. Don't forget to add a comma!
Getting a UI
Getting a graphical user interface on your new Funtoo may be tricky, as you have
compile one. Enlightenment (E17) can be found on the enlightenment overlay,
accessible via LAYMAN. It's pretty quick to build and is compatible with touchscreens.
What about gnome3?
Gnome 3.2 is supposed to work well with touchscreens. If you are able to compil and
use it on the Touchpad, let me know! For now I can't have the 3D acceleration/OpenGL
to work as we don't "boot" Funtoo on the Touchpad, but use it within an XTERM.
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