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Debugging hl Haxe target , using Visual Studio Code


launch.json and tasks.json are provided in the hidden .vscode directory.

You must have installed Haxe plugins support in VSCode.

That means at least HashLink Debugger (0.5.1) and Haxe (2.4.5) . Or you can just install Haxe Extension Pack (1.3.0).

Modifying the nadako plugin for multiples haxe installations

In order to use haxe4 on a computer which host also haxe3.x in haxelib, you have to go in haxe configuration (File/Preferences/Settings).

Type haxe. in the settings filter.

Then, go to the Haxe:Executable entry, and edit : just replace haxe with the name of your haxe4 alias / launching script. (copy to user setting, and then edit with your value).

In my case, i've just created a script called haxe4 (see below).

haxe4 sample lauching script

<<<<<<< HEAD
<<<<<<< HEAD
# $$DATE$$ : mer. 19 décembre 2018 (16:18:08)
# $$DATE$$ : mar. 18 décembre 2018 (20:04:57)
>>>>>>> d9d9b77829c495c72427d6a1730b6ff0dcab1f50
>>>>>>> 17d62738f48be5983803e9407c865d49ad86c43a

#  ~$ ls ~/haxelib/haxe4/ -lh
#   28  5 oct.  11:29 current -> haxe_20180612063724_1e3e5e0/                             
# 4,0K 12 juin   2018 haxe_20180612063724_1e3e5e0
# 4,0K 12 oct.  15:33 haxe_20181012132630_7eb789f 

current="$path_to_haxe4"$(readlink $path_to_haxe4/current)

HAXE_STD_PATH="$current"/std "$current"haxe $@

Building sample provided

in a terminal

haxe4 make.hxml

in Visual Studio Code

C-S-b , then select Build or make.hxml (same result).


F9 for putting a breakpoint. F5 for starting debug. At this step, i get failed to connect to debug port.

But if i launch hl myself, with the debug port equal to the one defined in launch.js :

hl --debug 6118 --debug-wait test.hl

then pressing F5 in VScode will launch the program. Without stopping on breakpoints, alas. It seems that in fact VScode connects and launch, ignoring breakpoints.