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High priority

  • Implicit dependencies, accounted for as dependencies but not included in the $in value:

    foo.c | lib.h Compile -> foo.o
  • Automatic collection of implicit dependencies from inline sourcemaps. Files referenced in the sourcemap are automatically added as implicit dependencies, so that the file is re-updated when they change. For example, that means browserify will work beautifully out-of-the-box without the need to specify dependencies manually.

  • Using interpolation in path lists (targets or prerequisites): `$dist/a.out`.

  • Escaping in path lists: "foo with spaces.c".

Medium priority

  • Automatic collection of implicit dependencies from external sourcemaps.

  • Local bind scopes:

    Coffee: `$cf < $in > $out` { cf = `$coffee -cp` };
  • Recipe parameters:

    Coffee(debug): `$coffee -cp < $in > $out`
        { arg = if debug then `-d` else `` } ;
    *.coffee Coffee(no) -> *.js

Low priority

  • Automatic collection of implicit dependencies from compiler-generated dependency files (eg. gcc -MM).

  • When a target appears both in a multi and in a single transformation:

    *.c Compile => *.o ;
    foo.c foo.h Compile -> foo.o ;

    Then the single transformation replaces the other. This allows specifics.

  • A foreach keyword expanding for each prerequisite, for example:

    foreach(foo.c bar.c) lib.h Compile -> foo.o bar.o foo.d bar.d

    would yield:

    foo.c lib.h Compile -> foo.o foo.d
    bar.c lib.h Compile -> bar.o bar.d
  • An onlywith keyword. This:

    *.c onlywith foo.c bar.c => *.o

    would only expand the fat arrow for the specified files.

  • An except keyword, the inverse of onlywith.

  • A final keyword, indicating that a globbing pattern expansion must not be propagated further. That would be useful to break dependency cycles. For example:

    *.coffee Coffee => *.js
    *.js GenCoffee => final *

    In this case, no * is not matched by the first rule, even if it exists on disk.

  • Implicit files:

        Coffee => auto Concat -> dist/concat.js;

    The compiled JS files, in this case, are auto-named and placed in .mekano/.

  • Inside aliases:

    src/**/*.coffee :: sources
        Coffee => build/**/*.js
  • Includes:

    include util.mkno