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This plugin allow to display the label of an input or an textarea inside the field
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jQuery Plugin: insideLabel
       By David Jeanmonod

 This plugin allows to display the input's labels or textarea inside the fields.
 To use it, activate it on the label:
 Then the label and the input will be encaplusated inside a relative span in order
 to use abosolute positioning inside:
   <span class="inside-label-container" style="position: relative">
     <label ... >
     <input ... >   
 For styling, here are the differents classes avaliable:
   span.inside-label-container : The encaplusated span
   input.with-label-inside     : Field that have the label inside
   label.inside                : Label that are inside a field  
   label.value-set             : Label of a field where the value isn't empty
   label.focus                 : Label of a field that have the focus
   label.inside.for-input      : Label that belong to an input (text or password)
   label.inside.for-textarea   : Label that belong to a textarea

This plugin is licensed under both the GPL and MIT licenses. Choose which ever one suits your project best.
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