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BACteria in Mother Maching Analyzer (BACMMAN) is a software allowing fast and reliable automated image analysis of high-throughput 2D/3D time-series images from mother machine. Mother machine is a very popular microfluidic device allowing investigating biological processes in bacteria at the single-cell level.


BACMMAN can process this kind of data:

Fluorescence Images Phase-contrast Images

See the wiki for detailed information



BACMMAN is a free/libre open source software under GNU General Public License v3.0 (see license)

Structure of repository

BACMMAN is composed of several modules:

  • The core module on which depend all other modules
  • The graphical user interface
  • Mother machine modules: image processing modules specifically designed for analysis of mother machine experiments
  • IJ1 binding integration in FIJI environment
  • Headless for run in command line mode