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click a link with target ="_blank" what would never loadpage #133

bluescity opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I tried to use click () function to click a link with target ="_blank" ,but what are the same page, it's not work , I try to display interface, and then click is useless. Finally I use javascript to set all links of target = "_blank" attribute were cleared to click on the normal. How to open a new window


+1 have the same problem


I tried to solve the problem myself

find ( I'm be fix a lot of code and so..i don't know which line.)
that class defined in Ghost.init.

   class GhostQWebView(QtWebKit.QWebView):
       def sizeHint(self):
           return QSize(*viewport_size)

add a class method

 def createWindow(self, mode):
   return self

that code forced click open in the same window,not perfectso,by it's work.

I hope that the final result is able to run in multi-window mode
sorry fo my poor english

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