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In late June 2020, Hongyi Hu and I streamed a paper discussion, without clear ambitions of future livestreams. Some people showed up, it was fun, and we kept streaming. Join us for this experiment in making programming languages design and research more accessible!



  • PLTalk is a livestream discussion that happens on Twitch here.
  • We additionally have an active Discord here.
  • You may watch past videos on YouTube here.
  • Subscribe to our Google Calendar here. Subscribe to the #PLTalk hashtag on Twitter for announcements and discussion!

Hosted by Jean Yang (me), founder and CEO of Akita Software and Hongyi Hu, a security engineer at Figma.

Season Two

The theme of Season Two is "Living with Reality." We'll be having a series of discussions about the realities of using and switching programming languages and tools.

Date Guest(s) Topic Reading Video
10/29/21 Yaron Minsky (Jane Street) Becoming a 100% OCaml shop Why OCaml?
11/5/21 Rich Harris (creator of Svelte at the New York Times) From JavaScript to TypeScript TBD
11/12/21 Russ Cox (co-creator of Go at Google) The Last Ten Years of Go Adoption TBD
11/19/21 Julien Verlaguet (co-creator of Hack at Facebook Adding Types to PHP Hack Blog Post
12/3/21 Hasnain Lakhani and guest (Facebook) The Benefits of Switching to Rust Meet the Rustaceans: Hasnain Lakhani

Season One

We started this show accidentally, so there was no plan for Season One. We just kept going until it was time to take a break.

Date Guest(s) Topic Reading Video
6/25/21 Rob Rix, GitHub Abstracting Definitional Interpreters for Python at GitHub Abstracting Definitional Interpreters On Youtube
6/18/21 Ranjit Jhala and Nico Lehmann, UCSD ⚡️TORM: Refinement Types for Secure Web Programming ⚡️TORM: Refinement Types for Secure Web Applications On Youtube
6/11/21 Madan Musuvathi, Microsoft Research What bugs cause cloud outages? What bugs cause production cloud incidents? On Youtube
5/21/21 Ned Williamson, Google Fuzzing SockPuppet: A Walkthrough of a Kernel Exploit for iOS 12.4 On Youtube
5/14/21 Paul Biggar, Dark Lang A new way to build backend services What is Dark? On Youtube
5/7/21 Tomas Petricek, University of Kent/fsharpWorks Philosophy of programming - On Youtube
4/30/21 Jordan Brown and Mike Vitousek, Facebook The Flow Typechecker Blog post about Flow On Youtube
4/23/21 Dr. Neha Rungta, Amazon AWS AWS Zelkova How AWS uses automated reasoning to help you achieve security at scale; Zelkova paper On Youtube
4/9/21 Ben Lichtman and Daniel Rosenwasser, TypeScript team Compiling TypeScript - On Youtube
4/2/21 Satnam Singh, Coq hacker at Google Hardware design and verification with Cava Cava tutorial -
3/19/21 John Regehr, Utah prof A to-be-determined fuzzing topic - On Youtube
3/12/21 Arjun Guha, Northeastern prof Understanding continuations by implementing callcc in JavaScript PLISS 2019 Lectures on continuations On Youtube
3/5/21 Rob O'Callahan, Pernosco Time-travel debugging Engineering Record and Reply for Deployability On Youtube
2/26/21 (2pm PT!) Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick, core PyPy developer JITing Python with PyPy - On Youtube
2/19/21 (11am PT!) Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, core Racket developer, and Quinn Wilton The Great Metaprogram-Off 💀 - On Youtube
2/5/21 (10am PT!) José Valim (creator of Elixir), Evan Czaplicki (creator of Elm), Jeff Bezanson (creator of Julia) How does funding shape programming language design and development? - On Youtube
1/29/21 Nuno Lopes, MSR researcher Introduction to LLVM - -
1/22/21 Edward Yang, Facebook engineer PyTorch and other topics TBD -
1/15/21 Joe Gibbs Politz, UCSD teaching faculty How does a programming language work Python: The Full Monty; A Tested Semantics for the Python Programming Language -
1/8/21 none 2021 planning and requests - -
12/18/20 none 2020 in review - -
12/11/20 Joey Dodds, Galois researcher The Software Analysis Workbench (SAW) - On Youtube
12/4/20 Manuel Rigger, ET Zurich postdoc Finding logic bugs in database implementations using SQLancer Papers -
11/20/20 William Byrd, University of Alabama at Birmingham prof Using miniKanren for relational programming - On Youtube
10/30/20 James Wilcox, CTO of Certora Using Dafny for fun and profit - -
10/23/20 Nate Foster, Cornell prof and avid cyclist Data plane verification with p4v and Petr4 - Ephemeral Twitch video
10/16/20 Ranjit Jhala, UCSD prof and PL pop sensation Refinement type-checking with liquid types See this Tweet -
10/9/20 none Refinement type-checking with liquid types LiquidHaskell: Experience with Refinement Types in the Real World -
10/2/20 none Operating system verification seL4: Formal Verification of an OS Kernel; Safe to the Last Instruction: Automated Verification of a Type-Safe Operating System -
9/25/20 Evan Czaplicki, creator of Elm Web programming with Elm Asynchronous Functional Reactive Programming for GUIs -
9/18/20 none Formal methods and the law This talk abstract; Death, Taxes, and Formal Verification -
9/11/20 Jeremy Siek, Indiana University prof, creator of gradual types Gradual typing in academia and the real world What is Gradual Typing -
9/4/20 Nelson Elhage, co-creator of Sorbet Static and gradual typing of Ruby with Sorbet - On Youtube
8/21/20 none CLU and the history of object-oriented programming Abstraction Mechanisms in CLU -
8/14/20 Jeff Bezanson, co-creator of Julia Scientific computing with Julia - On Youtube
8/7/20 Edwin Brady, St. Andrews professor and Idris creator Dependently typed programming with Idris - On Youtube
7/31/20 Yoann Padioleau, creator of semgrep Semantic code search with semgrep - Twitch clip
7/24/20 Nadia Polikarpova, UCSD prof and literal rock star Program synthesis using refinement types Program Synthesis from Polymorphic Refinement Types; Liquid Information Flow Control -
7/17/20 Hillel Wayne, formal methods evangelist Real-world Alloy - Twitch clip
7/10/20 none How to make PL more accessible? - Twitch clip
6/24/20 none Is automated programming language translation a thing? Unsupervised Translation of Programming Languages Twitch clip


Schedule for the #PLTalk livestream. On Twitch here:






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