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Eli and I realized that the package system can be split into a few
almost totally independent pieces.

1. A more useful and simple package format

.plt files are very strange and are too powerful in many ways. This
prevents their use to provide some guarantees we'd like in the new
package system, such as that packages can't install files outside the
"package root".

2. By analogy, packages are modules that 'require' other packages and
   'provide' modules. The same identifier algebra that modules
   allow---prefix-in, rename-out, etc---should apply to the modules
   that packages export.

The goal here is to identify the concepts behind the module system and
the concepts behind the package system.

The identifier algebra should have enough power to deal with things
like multiple versions, but in such a way where those are "opt-in"

3. A convention-based directory layout to deal with avoid conflicts.

For example, 

  <package-root> / <package-string> / <modules>

where <package-string> may contain version information, but may not.

4. A package manager that keeps track of which packages are installed
   and how to update them.

5. A package indexing site that helps users find out which packages
   are available.

This git repository contains a demonstration of how #2 can be
implemented today.

There are a few ugly things about it:

- It is based on one-off #lang s-exp languages rather than as patches
  to #lang racket/base, but clearly this could be done.

- Package meta-data is split into two files "pkg-in.rkt" and
  "pkg-out.rkt". I imagine that there would be a single "pkg.rkt"
  with either two facets or more clever static communication.

- As far as I can tell, there are no id-require-transformers, so I
  can't disguise package-imported module references as normal module
  references. (For example, the example has (racket/listy) rather than
  racket/list.) I expect that we can easily add such things.

- I intend there to be a simple explanation for the "virtual package"
  that anonymous files belong to. (If you open a buffer in DrRacket,
  it does not live on the filesystem, so it is unclear which package
  it belongs to. Roughly there will be a top-level package metadata
  file that requires the largest set of compatible packages,
  preferring newer versions or something.) There's no inkling of that
  in this example.
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