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mode-lambda - sprite-based 2D graphics engine
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mode-lambda - sprite-based 2D graphics engine

Try running...

racket -l mode-lambda/examples/one

XXX layer-camera branch is an attempt to clean up parameters

- parents for localized rotation? (skeletal animation)
- rotation about a different origin
- make animated gif creator (add screenshots to GL)
- ensure that layers can be used effectively for minimap
- add something like pict-finders
- trim/reposition inside a sprite (could be used for "blowing up" something?)
- make effects compatible with retroarch (or just get a much better crt effect)
- support full retina resolution: [or not because we just scale anyways]

- better crt?

- Look at GLium:

- Use Persistent Mapping (requires 4.5):
- Use Bindless textures?
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