srpnt - synthesized, random pulse, noise, and triangle (wip)
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srpnt - synthesized, random pulse, noise, and triangle (wip)


To try it out...

racket -t srpnt/studio.rkt -- srpnt/dev.rkt

Then open up srpnt/dev.rkt and change the "audio" binding to experiment with different things. You can also make new instruments in srpnt/nestration/instruments.rkt and test them out in dev.rkt. You probably will also want to look at srpnt/nestration.rkt for the definition of "styles".

If you want to see some saved examples, check out Examples.


Samples are expected to be 1-channel, unsigned 8-byte PCM data. You can create that format from an arbitrary input with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -map_channel 0.0.0 -f u8 OUTPUT_LEFT.raw ffmpeg -i INPUT -map_channel 0.0.1 -f u8 OUTPUT_RIGHT.raw OR ffmpeg -i INPUT -ac 1 -f u8 OUTPUT.raw



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