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An Emacs mode for working with CDMI
Emacs Lisp
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CDMI Major Mode

An Emacs major mode for CDMI.

Provides syntax highlighting of CDMI content and functions for loading CDMI content.

The intent is to create an Emacs working environment for CDMI.


You can customize cdmi-mode for your use through Emacs by running:


At a minimum, you will need to specify the server to connect to. This can be accomplished either through the customize interface or may be set directly in your Emacs initialization:

(setq cdmi-server "")

Authentication to the server is handled by Emacs' URL package. If required, you should be prompted for credentials.

Bugs and Known issues

When using GnuTLS to connect, I have seen errors dumped into the output. I have added code to eliminate this error messages, but it is completely a hack.

I have found that initial calls to cdmi-open fail to retrieve data at times. Executing the command a second time resolves this. I'm continuing to look into why this happens.

Please file bugs at

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