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Freenode ##programming policies


These are the rules for ##programming on Freenode; by all means, ignore them, just remember that ignorance doesn't make you exempt. Breaking the rules will result in your loss of the ability to speak or your removal from the channel. Typically, you will receive one or more warnings in various forms (channel message, PM, or +q itself, depending on circumstance, such as repeat offenses). Quiets (+q) are considered temporary and regular bans (+b) are used when quiets serve no purpose.

##programming is a community channel as well as a support channel. People are welcome to speak about whatever they wish, within reason, so long as the rules are followed. Be mindful that everyone providing assistance is doing so in their own free time.

Recent changes

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of troublesome users, thus the channel is slightly more restricted:

  • Religious and political debates are now out of bounds

Keep in mind

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, be civilized. Don't agree with someone? Convey your point across in a civilized manner. There's no need for insults. English is the primary and preferred language for communication. Other languages will only be tolerated up to a point. See Freenode's catalyst reference.

Typical rules on Freenode

  • No trolling (includes flaming)
  • No racism
  • No advertising
  • No excessive uppercase; turn off your CAPS LOCK
  • No flooding
    • No automated messages; ex. anti-idle scripts, away/mp3 notifications, etc.
    • No unauthorized bots, public loggers or related activities
    • Paste text > 2 lines to a site such as or

##programming specific rules

  • Don't ask if you can ask your question, just ask
  • No trash-talking
  • No bigotry; remember that others may not be as knowledgable as you are
  • No discussions about religion or politics
  • Piracy discussions are permitted until people recommend others engage in it
  • No unpaid do-my-homework/do-it-for-me requests and no spoon-feeding
  • No trying to hire developers while providing no information until they say yes
  • No unmerited mindless comments
    • "Don't reinvent the wheel!"
    • "<language> is crap!"
  • No discussion of moderation issues in ##programming; /join ##programming-ops

Blocked gateways

##programming blocks all major gateways that don't belong to Freenode, primarily due to ban evasion; historically, some were also banned for severe privacy violations. People are free to join the channel via Freenode's web gateway or the Tor gateway.

Where to get help

If you want to discuss an issue, join ##programming-ops and speak in a civilized manner. Freenode staff, for a long time, have taken the back seat, with regard to channel moderation issues, and simply tell you to contact an op. Joining the Freenode support channel to whine about the situation won't end with Freenode staff reversing your punishment.

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