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Remove some old todos

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jeaye committed Apr 29, 2019
1 parent 425fdd3 commit 16f417db29cbebe4c64af15d23d3f08b995d8c87
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@@ -132,22 +132,6 @@ website style
similar to
also emacs site

implement generic functions first
take an integer or string or T

then follow up with generic types
first parameterized on types
then add support for constraints
then add support for values

adopt core.typed

adopt clojure.spec
need namespaced keywords

address generic construction of items
given a T and some args, how can I construct a T, passing the args to the ctor?

treat / in any identifier as namespacing
@@ -197,13 +181,8 @@ structs
more tests!

** everything else: **
rename to kio? discipline? idiolisp?

figure out logo

remove function-call from grammar; just use lists
it becomes unhelpful with macros

online repl sandbox
irc bot for #idiolisp

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