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:source-paths #{"src/clj" "src/cljs" "src/js"}
:dependencies '[[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]
[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.7.228"]
; Front end
[adzerk/boot-cljs "1.7.228-1"] ; CLJS compiler
[cljs-http "0.1.39"] ; Communication with back end
[prismatic/dommy "1.1.0"] ; DOM events
; Back end
[pandeiro/boot-http "0.7.2"] ; HTTP server
[ring/ring-jetty-adapter "1.4.0"] ; HTTP in jar
[compojure "1.4.0"] ; Routing
[org.clojure/data.json "0.2.6"] ; Reading client json
[buddy/buddy-core "0.9.0"] ; Encryption
[hiccup "1.0.5"] ; HTML generation
[garden "1.3.1"] ; CSS generation
[me.raynes/fs "1.4.6"] ; Filesystem work
[bk/ring-gzip "0.1.1"] ; On-the-fly gzipping
[ring/ring-core "1.4.0"]
[ring/ring-servlet "1.4.0"]
[ring/ring-defaults "0.1.5"]
[ring/ring-anti-forgery "1.0.0"]])
(def target-dir "target/")
(require '[safepaste core api]
'[adzerk.boot-cljs :refer [cljs]]
'[pandeiro.boot-http :refer [serve]]
'[me.raynes.fs :as fs]
[shell :as shell]
[io :as io]])
(deftask minify
"Minify the compiled JS"
; This is an awful hack which brings in an npm package to do the job.
; Oddly enough, its mangling and minifying shaves 20% off Closure's
; advanced compilation. So... huge wins. I'm ok with this.
(fn [next-task]
(fn [fileset]
(let [tmp (tmp-dir!)
old-file (tmp-get fileset "js/main.js")
old-file-path (-> old-file tmp-file .getPath)
new-file (io/file tmp "js/main.min.js")
new-file-path (.getPath new-file)
node-modules "./node_modules/uglify-js"]
(io/make-parents new-file)
(when (not (fs/exists? node-modules))
(println "Installing uglify-js...")
(shell/sh "npm" "install" "uglify-js"))
(println "Minifying JS...")
(shell/sh (str node-modules "/bin/uglifyjs")
"-c" "-m"
"-o" new-file-path)
(let [original-size (fs/size old-file-path)
new-size (fs/size new-file-path)]
(format "Shaved off %.2f%%\n"
(float (* 100 (- 1 (/ new-size original-size)))))))
(catch Exception _
(println "npm isn't working; not minifying...")
(fs/copy old-file-path new-file-path)))
(next-task (-> fileset
(add-resource tmp)
(rm [old-file])
(deftask dev
"Start dev environment"
(doseq [dir [safepaste.api/output-dir target-dir]]
(fs/mkdir dir))
(serve :handler 'safepaste.core/app
:reload true
:resource-root target-dir)
(cljs :compiler-options {:optimizations :none})
(target :dir #{target-dir})))
(deftask build []
(cljs :compiler-options {:optimizations :advanced})
(aot :namespace '#{safepaste.core})
(pom :project 'safepaste
:version "0.1.0")
(jar :main 'safepaste.core
:manifest {"Description" "A security-conscious paste service"
"Url" ""}
:file "safepaste.jar")
(target :dir #{target-dir})))